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The News on being New: Belbottom

When I was a newbie I noticed one thing. Any newbie who was obnoxious or rude tended to get it reciprocated. The best advice I think I can give any newbie is to just "be cool". That may not be very descriptive, it's just something you have to get a feel for. Some newbies "do's" and "dont's":

-- DO use the net chat feature, say hi when you enter a game. Ask if there are any special rules you should know of for that game. Compliment people on nice kills or really cool jumps.

-- DON'T overuse the net chat feature. People are mostly there to drive, not type.

-- DON'T be a whiner. You always have the option to politely say you have to go and find another game. Or, stick it out, take your lumps, and *learn* why you're getting pounded into the ground.

-- DON'T try to muscle your way into a gang or a private game. "Please, please, canni join yer gang? Huh? Huh?" is annoying. If you wish to join someone's gang, just let them know that you'd like to petition for membership and then sit back and wait.

-- DO watch and learn. Look at your mistakes and the mistakes that other people make and learn from them (both dueling mistakes and netiquette mistakes).

-- DO have fun. Don't get over stressed or angry. Keep in good humor.

-- DO play as a team member if it's a team game. Work with your team and put your strengths to work. For example in a CTF game if you've got a fast, nimble car, be a runner. Heavy cars should stay near the base and guard. Mid-sized cars are more versatile, maybe as interceptors or pursuit vehicles.

-- DO feel free to ask a question if you have one. A real Vigilante helps others.

If, as a newbie, you just play cool and begin to develop your i76 Vigilante skills, you'll soon find that you're welcome in many games. And being welcome is the most fun of all, even if you're not the best duellist there.

BelBottom [ikil]