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Links and Associates of the Speed Shop.

Speed Shop often links when possible to sites mentioned in it's articles, to help provide a background for our readers... (I will update the rest of these later.. dammit they keep changing on me!)

I'76 Information Sites:
            Team Intercept - Shop Sponsor
            Smidges Hack and Cheat - Non Street-Legal Modifications
            R66 Scenario Site - Great stuff for organized online combat...
            The Brotherhood - The Few, the Proud... The Brotherhood!
            How to Get Good Pings - Fight Lag! (For Quake but still useful)

I'76 Vigilante and Creeper Diaries:
    BozzerNet - Home of the Notorius INT BOZZER.
            Radar Love - The memoirs of Firehawk, Team Intercept Interceptor.
            Rockahome - Sanctuary for the evil INT creeper known as Rockahoo!
            Aquila's Lair - The Z home of the frustrated SSS Editor
            Style's I76 Page - About a Strider Pilot - with Style
            Possum's Garage - Great place for your first tune up!

I'76 AVA Sites:
            AVA Homepage - Part and Weapon Supplier
            AVA Chapters News - Local Merchant's Guild
            AVA Compeiton Ladder - The Latest in Dueling Info!
            jAVA Car Designer - Automotive Estimates and Appraisal

I'76 Message Boards:
            DV Message Board - Discussions Down Under!
            Speed Shop Theory - Speed Shop's Very Own!
            AVA Discussion Board - The AVA Discussion Spot!

Other Swell Links:
            Beatnik - MIDI upgrade for Netscape users
            CNN News - Great place for news
            BusinessWeek Online - Great place for business news
            Tabloid - Great place for brutal news
            The Lava Lamp - Curious info that passes the time
            Rice Boy Page - Rice BOy!
            TCSE - If you've got the bandwidth check out this search engine!
            Austin Powers Website - Shagariffic Baby!!!
            Zarathustra - God is Dead!
            Sun Tzu - The Art of War
            BOFH - What a Bastard...
            AFROSQUAD - Damn the MAN!