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About this Page...

The Speed Shop was built By SuiCyco and Dali Madson and is maintained by SuiCyco, founder of Team Intercept, known Master of Funk and AVA Administrator. It's goal is to provide you, the patron, with updates on events that we deem valuable and informative.

This page is mostly written and revised by INT SuiCyco, the I'76 player. ALL NEWS REPORTED HERE IS TRUE, I MAKE UP NONE OF IT. Now, my OPINION is a different matter. The format goes like this: I will truthfully display all known information, and THEN I will truthfully speak my mind on the matter. And sometimes, I may display no opinion at all.

Now, the interviews are NOT going to be used for destructive purposes. I get people asking me to discredit others through the interviews, and to use them as a weapon. NOW HEAR THIS, EVERYONE: The interviews will NOT be used in any way to harm ANYONE. The interview section is set up with the idea that others may want to know the side of things they aren't on, or weren't around to see. That is all. Oh yeah, and they are there to crack obscure jokes. This site is intended for other I76 players. If something on this page offends you, then I guess we won't be getting married anytime soon. Because these are my opinions and I'm sticking to them. If you don't like people having opinions on their web pages that you don't agree with, then go support the Communications Decency Act.

If reading this makes you angry, you are playing to many computer games. Go outside! And please remember, what is the main purpose of Interstate '76? To have FUN(K)!

- E M P L O Y E E S -

SuiCyco - Shop Manager

Bandit - Paint and Bodywork

Toxy - Domestic Vans and Foriegn Autos Specialist

Madhatter - Fuel Management Systems Expert

Death Machine - Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Zaphod - Our 2 Headed Oil and Lube Guy

Aquila - Manuals and Book Keeping

Wingnut - Designer of Shive-Ass SSS Logo

Lightfoot - Costodian of Archives

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