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About the Interviewee: Gliebster is, by far and away, the most dedicated newsman in the I'76 world. His original page, entitled 'House of Funk', but as time has moved on, his skills in HTML have improved, and he has recently become the new webmaster for Vigilante's Paradise. Aside from being the Clark Kent of I'76, he get's out there, blows people up, and hunts down any hackers that foolishly stray into his games.

SSS: So when did you begin doing your news Pages for I'76, and why?

Glieb: It all started in mid june. I saw all the other great I'76 pages I wanted my own. So I created "House of Funk". When it started it was mainly I'76 files, then I started a small news section for me to post my thoughts of the day and updates I made to the page. Eventually people sent me pieces of news to post and it just evolved into a news page. So I worked on improving it I it got bigger and bigger as time went on.

SSS: I'll have to remember not to get caught in that web.. heh heh

Glieb: Yep.

SSS: So any memorable events during your time as the House of Funk man?

Glieb: Well, theres was the time my page was dying and I resurrected it from the dead. Strange as it sounds, it was fun. That was when I completely re-vamped the whole page and advertised it as a "full time news page". There was also the time Debacle (Hail to the king baby!) the great map maker added me to his mailing list for sending out his new maps. Oh, and there was the time my counter reached 2,000. Then 6,000 was good too. But 2,000 was when I realized people liked my page and it had a purpose.

SSS: That sounds cool. So what about the Vigilante's paradise? Will there still be a House of Funk, now that you are running VP?

Glieb: Vigilantes paradise is great! Updating the mother-motherlode of all I'76 pages is a great honor! (Thanks Covak!) House of Funk? Well, Im not planning on finding someone else to update that page, but you never know.

Glieb: Oops, thats not mother-motherlode, its just mother-lode, sorry.

SSS: Ahh, damn U!

SSS: Hahaha!

Glieb: Grrrrrrr!

SSS: I like that... mother-mother-lode..

SSS: We will keep that in the interview, thanks. (Interviewer grins.)

SSS: So then House of Funk is a done deal?

Glieb: Seems to be that way. Although the Hackkills list was pretty popular I might find someone to adopt that feature.

Glieb: Hold on a sec. I got 3 cookies and no milk!....Noooooooo!!!............Got Milk?

SSS: No, but I have beer.

SSS: It's just root beer, mind you, but when mixed with Baked BBQ Lay's potato chips, it packs quite a punch.

Glieb: With cookies?.......Blahk!

Glieb: ...these are chocolate cookies, might I add.

SSS: Ah, well, then there's no doubt that you would want to mix the A&W with Ranch style chips then...

SSS: So with this hack-kills thing, what's the deal?

SSS: Hello?

Glieb: Well, its sort of become a sport. It's a "You get bored of killin' deer so you kill dinosaurs" kind of thing.

Glieb: Hi.

SSS: lol

SSS: So you've become tired of killing small prey such as, say myself?

Glieb: No, thats where the fun is! Good ol non-hack vs non-hack. I dont really go out and start a game for killin hax anymore. But if a manta with 5 turrets and bus wheels comes into my non-hack game and no one else is in harms way, I will beat the shit out of it for not being able to read! Grrrrrr!.....ROAR!!!! Oops, sorry, gettin' exited.

Glieb: BRB, nature calls!

SSS: Nature can call, just don't answer. Heh heh!

Glieb: Yah, well I can't call! is in bathroom and brother is takin' shower!...I'm too lazy to go upstairs....what now, Sui? You're an experienced man!...Help me, Im gonna blow!

SSS: Hmm...

SSS: Any Mantas near your house?

SSS: Do it there.

Glieb: How about my neighbors Camaro you hate so much? :)

Glieb: *grinnnnnnn*

SSS: Wouldn't want the Camaro to look better after you defecate on it. Besides, the owner might confuse it with his Camaro engine...haha!

SSS: So will the VP board still be anti-hacking? as it has been for quite some time?

Glieb: Of course! There will be no changes with that board, it will stay the way it is.

SSS: The reason I ask is because recently, Smidge VS was interviewed, and from his point of view, there just isn't alot of avenues for getting links on news boards such as your own, and now, VP, too. What do you have to say to poeple in a situation such as his?

Glieb: Well, I banned Smidge from the House of Funk board. (The lousy Anti-VP nimrod) I got tired of him leaving links to his hack page after I told him not to. If there are any hack links left I can easily delete them.

Glieb: Oops, I mean if there are any links to Hack pages left on the VP board I can easily delete them, sorry about that Mr. Cyco.

SSS: So then whats your response to poeple in his position, that want to advertise their hacking page, but aren't allowed to do so on pages such as the House of Funk and Vigilantes Paradise?

Glieb: Tough luck.

SSS: So when it comes to actually playing the game, what's your style?

Glieb: Well, I have 2 ways: #1. Lightning with 1 30cal turret, 1 a9, rear HE mortar and firedropper. You know how a car like that works. Ask Boz, same style basicly. #2. Strider, firedropper, 1 a9 (non turreted) get em red, then cap em in da head!...My current favorite :)

Glieb: Brb, my bro is done in the shower (finally!) and I gotta relieve my poor bladder!

SSS: Alright.

Glieb: Ooooooh yeah!....felt good man!

SSS: *Ahem*

SSS: You know, you can go blind doing that sort of thing.

Glieb: Really?

SSS: Just kidding.

SSS: So have you always been so strong against hacking, or did something set you off?

Glieb: Good question! I set myself off. Way back when I got the game (about 5 months ago) I saw Hack 76. And since I sucked, I added an extra turret to my van and a milktruck paintjob (look like shit!). I was a newbie (which we all were at one point) so I thought, "What differnce could 1 turret make?". Well, I noticed I'd be booted from games all the time, which sucked. So I realized that the game would a whole lot better if everyone just played it clean. So after my 3 day experience with Hack 76 I decided to never touch it again and encourage others to go non-hack. Since then, I have been involved in many non-hack/anti-hack organizations (AVA, DMV, AH, DOH, JIHAD etc.)

SSS: Any preferences with these orginizations? As in, is there one you are particularly fond of, and why...

Glieb: Well, I wasnt very active in AVA, I just didnt like all the complications in building Div cars. But it was a good way for me to say I was non-hack and loving it :) I joined The Great hack Jihad awhile back. Those guys are great fun! Just goin out into a game with they guys and havin a party was great. Then Jihad joined as a chapter of DMV, which is much like AVA but a bit more simplistic. Personally, I like the DMV car building system a lot, its very simple and accurate which makes it easdy to build a car on the spot quickly.

SSS: Do you have any maps you prefer to drive on for any reason?

Glieb: Any map is good, I like maps that arent too big to find your opponent. A map that has hills all over isn't my type of map (Dunes). Oh, hey... I downloaded this map called Vader's Bathtub! It rocks, I forget who makes it but, its shaped like a tub and looks kind of metallic. I recommend that you go download it :)

SSS: (Interviewer laughs) Elwen and I made that one. Oh wait. Are you referring to the night time one, or daytime, I think you mean Yoda's Commode...

Glieb: Both are good.

SSS: Most people can't handle Vader's, because it's a nighttime map..

Glieb: Have you ever fallen out of the bathtub?

SSS: Fallen out?

Glieb: it possible?

SSS: No, but, Iv've heard someone actually did it with a v-10 coupe and NOS.

SSS: Well actually, sure it's possible.. if your not careful, the tile being wet and all...

SSS: Hundreds of people die that way each year.. it's a nasty way to go.. usually severs the connection to the brain..

Glieb: Youch!.....Hey Sui, wanna go play in the bathtub with me after this interview?

SSS: The last time I played with a guy in a bathtub I was 3 years old.

SSS: I think I'm past that now. Thanks anyways.

SSS: Maybe we can play in the Commode, though..

Glieb: Ugh....sorry, that came out all wrong. I'm referring to the map for I'76 :)

SSS: heh heh

SSS: So what do you think of the Helicopter and Tank code words?

Glieb: Well, thats another reason I'm in DMV. Tanks are easy to kill, but those choppers!....Jezuz!....It's just not right. Think about it, say your in a Lep' with a fireright rocket launcher and firedropper. How are you gonna shoot down that chopper? Unless you prop yourself on a hill and hope it crosses past your cross hair. So what im saying is, to kill a chopper you'll basicly be forced to use a a9, Dr Radar or a turret. I dont like being forced to use those weaps to shoot down a lousy copter.

SSS: Well, there's always the chance of leaping over a jump, hitting the firedropper button.. ah.. there's only one man that can do that.. grin.

Glieb: Well, were not all super man.

SSS: So when you fight in the Jihad, do you actively search out for hackers to kill?

Glieb: We don't search. We make games like "Hax vs US", "Hack Cemetary" etc. Lately we've been doin non-hack games and DMV games. For instance if were in "jihad/airbas n/h" and a hack comes in, we will be like an angry pack of wild dogs that sees a victim. HONK!!!!!

SSS: What if they are fireproof too?

Glieb: Well, some fireproofs are only fireproof to a certain fire. So I come prepared with my Mail Truck with, gas launcher, flamethrower, naplam, and firedropper. If that doesnt work you boot them.

SSS: What was your reaction (and the reaction of your other anti hack friends) when you began to see the fireproof cars?

Glieb: Well, I wasnt really in a anti-hack organisation when fireproofs came about. They just snuck up on me later on :) Its very simple, if its not killable its bootable.

SSS: Are you concerned with rumors on an 'unbootable hack' ever being developed?

Glieb: I haven't heard much on that one. I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

SSS: So do you think that Hackers, and those that do not hack, will ever come upon friendlier terms?

Glieb: I have noticed that the hacker poulation has decreased in the last month. Seems like since Drug Dealer went non-hack others followed him. I hear about a certain Anti-Hack patch coming out soon. If it works then a lot of hackers will be forced to play non-hacked. Then we can all get along.

SSS: So alot of hackers are of the opinion that, if they didnt hack, many anti-hacks would have nothing better to do, and would quit playing. What do you think of that?

Glieb: Well, I dont think so. Playing unhacked is much more fun than playing hacked. I just don't see the fun in having 5 turrets doing the aiming for you can be fun...

Glieb:, how'd that get there?

SSS: I don't know, but it's definetley going to mess with my HTML later...heh!

Glieb: Uh oh, I never thought about that, Sui.

SSS: That's O.K... comes with running the Sped Shop and all.. =)

SSS: Well, any parting words to the aspiring anti-hack?

Glieb: Keep on playing legit and you'll have a lot more fun!

Glieb: Damn, that sounded dumb!...Oh well, its true. :)


SSS: "Have a sun-shiny day!"

SSS: Well, you can't disguise enjoying the game to it's fullest, and I don't think you should be ashamed of that.

Glieb: True.