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Interviews with some of the more 'famous names' of I'76 will be posted here for your viewing pleasure.

These interviews were set up for a dual purpose: To learn new things, and to have fun. When you play someone on-line, they have some whacky name like "Loco-Boy" or something, and you get in a flame war with them, and tell them to get lost, etc. I hope when people read the interviews they realize what I do too. That we all have first and last names, and we're all cool, just different. So enjoy it. One last thing, please don't ask to be interviewed, it's not set up like that. People are interviewed on a semi-random basis. There is no rhyme or reason behind the PEOPLE picked to be interviewed. An attempt is made to interview all cross-sections of I'76 enthusiats, not individuals. There is no way I can interview all 3,000 I'76 on-line players. So please do not ask me to interview you. In the cards or not, I won't reply to that request. Comments, questions and all that jazz can be sent here. Enjoy!

The main course...

Some Raw Interviews!

Personality Date Description
INT Toxy 09.28.97 On playing I'76 and liking...stuff.
EMP Ironside 10.01.97 A general discussion on I'76 net play and community developments.
Otto [AAA] 10.03.97 Ex-Activision employee, talks about the I'76 development and the 'almost' ideas for I'76.
Smidge VS 10.05.97 Discussion on playing I'76 as a vocal hacker and it's ups and downs.
Gliebster 10.06.97 Newsman Glieb spills all on the situations that develop while running a news site.
Ax-L 10.10.97 Alot of '"Old-timer" talk in here...a great trip down memory lane for the ancient I'76 players.
King Rod [CR] 10.18.97 Goofy King Rod...for some reason, we like him at SSS. ;)
[DV] Vigilante 01.09.98 Leader of the ultra-slick Disco Vigilante's. Cool guy. Cool gang.
INT Thibor 02.07.98 The first renowned butt-kicker of I'76. Gave it up for Quake. Bullocks.
Raw Interviews 04.04.98 Master of Hacking: Deadman & Master of Dumbfire weapons: Death Machine. Both inside this one...
Owen [BBB] 02.18.02 All about Owen and his former days of suicides, big newb's and of course, nachos.
Tex BBB / [FD] 04.19.16 Check out the first new interview in 14 years with the man from Spring, Texas himself!
Wayek 08.07.17 Disciple of Funk or Fruit Bat Crazy? You decide...