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Owen [BBB]

Music Option: "Band on the Run"

About the Interview: This is the first and last interview from a short lived and unpublished series on INTERSTATE76.COM. Since there's no need for any orphans we've decided to include it here. Owen (the INTerviewee) and Gulliver (the INTerviewer) have had more than a couple games together. Sit back and enjoy the read as they try to restart the Interstate interviews...


<Owen> Hey

<Gulliver> Here we are
<Gulliver> excellent

<Gulliver> Alright, what's your real name?

<Owen> Would you like me to Unbold so you can tell whos saying what ?

<Gulliver> Nah, yours is darker

<Owen> Ok, My real name is Darren Ritchie

<Gulliver> And how did you come up with the ever-original "Owen" for a handle?

<Owen> A mix of things really... it all happened oh so long ago....

<Gulliver> think hard
<Gulliver> ;)

<Owen> When i first started to write i was in grade 6. One of the people who i wrote about was a character named Owen.

<Gulliver> ...I guess it was oh so long ago...

<Owen> I got that from an old Video game based on a book "Betrayal at Krondor" a main chrs name was Owyn. Someone told me it was a girly name so i changed it too Owen.
<Owen> As well I was a fan of the late Owen Hart.

<Gulliver> While your thinking back so hard, What was your first (memorable) online experience with I76?

<Owen> Ooh this goes way back when i was a big newb... and i mean big

<Gulliver> lol, we were all newbs at one point...

<Owen> I saw all these gangs running around and like many other newbs i made my own gang. [RG] Rouges. It was a requirement to drive the dover with Blue and White paint job. Being the newb that i was i also decided it would be better to not let other people kill us. So it was a rule to nuke before you died. [RG] sadly died a few days later.
<Owen> Im not sure what Alais i went by at that time... I think it was Locke but i soon changed to Owen.

<Gulliver> Does it bother you when other people nuke now? With your past pro-nuking history?

<Owen> Very much so. I had only started playing online for a week, so i didnt know better. I stopped the nuking thing probaly days after when people explained it too me.

<Gulliver> Good 'Ole Vets, setting us all straight.
<Gulliver> anyways, Describe your favorite moment in the Interstate community.

<Owen> In the community... hmm
<Owen> The thing i regret was that i never really got involved in the Interstate community until much later in my 'career'.

<Gulliver> really, played the single player missions alot did you?

<Owen> Interstate76 was my first online Game, i didnt know there was such a thing as a community.
<Owen> I first got involved with the community When i joined VFH, and Roadkiller aka HellRaiza directed me to the Wolfteam Forums.
<Owen> And from there i slowly learned about things like the AVA and other gangs and such.

<Gulliver> Who in the community has had the biggest impact on you and your gaming?

<Owen> Definately The Professional. 100% i can owe all my Greatness (hehe) to Pro. He was the motivating factor behind pretty much everything i did.

<Gulliver> He's a good man.

<Owen> I could never beat him and i kept Trying over and over and it seems that no matter what i did i couldnt beat him. Sometimes i would get frustrated and angry.. But in the end it just pushed me to try and be better than him.

<Gulliver> onto the community. Interstate76 - Soon to be dead or always the lingering community?

<Owen> Well i think its safe to say that Never again will we need to use the scroll bar in 76 or nitro...

<Gulliver> lol, well put.

<Owen> But im sure that for years to come Die-hard fans will continue to play the game...

<Gulliver> Will you be one of them?

<Owen> Even if turns from a weekly meeting, to a monthly to a semi-annualy type deal. And i for sure will try to be around as much as possible.

<Gulliver> Good to hear.

<Owen> Perhaps one day.. When i am a rich writer with too much money to count i will make a new interstate game.

<Gulliver> Next question, Hacking - A nuisance to the game or a way to expand the field?

<Owen> Depends what the hacking is used for, If they want to exploit the game go ahead. Just stay out of the Non hack games. And it is also definately a way too further the game.

<Gulliver> so you don't mind them as long as they mind their own business?

<Owen> The new mod for 82 will soon be out. Interstate Outlaws which will Demo new cars and weapons and other enhancements And believe you me it isnt some patch made by activision. hacking was required to make it. But it was used to a good purpose. So its ok with me. As long as yes they stay out of my games. or dont give any advantage
<Owen> Just like the Oil Hack for 76. Conviently called a patch, its a hack used by non hacks. But it was a helpful hack.

<Gulliver> IO will definitely help gameplay.
<Gulliver> Next up, Your thoughts on the server problems. Should we continue to complain?

<Owen> Ok i r...
<Owen> err sorry, I read this somewhere, in my english course in a short story i believe...
<Owen> I dont have the exact quote but it was along the lines of sometimes you have just got to give up. Its better that way. There is no point in fighting.

<Gulliver> Dont fight the losing battle

<Owen> It's just a battle that cannot be won. They wont put up a server for a handful of people that will play maybe one to two games a week.
<Owen> its not worth it too them. They couldnt give a rats ass about us.
<Owen> Anyone who would have given a damn is long gone now.

<Gulliver> what about Loose Cannon - Legitimate future or just another I82?

<Owen> Well im not to sure on this games history as i never followed it much. but if it gets the advertising it needs and a tech support team that will actually do well tech support and a bit of funding we may very well see a lot of Vigilantes there.
<Owen> If so we should all make a Vigilantes Guild, that would be cool.

<Gulliver> Let's say it hits big, would you miss our small, fairly close-knit community?

<Owen> Not at all, because we would still have it. Its just we'd be a selective club of seasoned Vigilantes In our own private resort with plenty of Newbies To shoot at. What more could we ask for?

<Gulliver> heh, and to think you use to be a big newb once...

<Owen> all those years ago. I was also 12, God i was a youngin

<Gulliver> You still are.

<Owen> Yes but im mature for my age. hanging out with all these Old guys playing video games..., bunch of weirdos

<Gulliver> they are!
<Gulliver> whats wrong with them?!
<Gulliver> don't they have jobs or something? lol.

<Owen> hehe
<Owen> They do but they are probaly too stoned or something
<Owen> Bunch of Hippies, but ya gotta love em

<Gulliver> Get fired from burger King

<Gulliver> Alright, I got just one more question for ya
<Gulliver> It being fairly late into the night now, Are you currently wearing pants?

<Owen> Yes, plastic Pink ones, Getting kinda chaffed and sweaty but its well worth it.

<Gulliver> hmmm, I know the feeling. I made myself a pair of duct tape pants.

<Owen> And im wearing my thong outside of my pants... Its black lace, Im a big fan of Britney Spears so i feel i should copy her.

<Gulliver> Maybe you should call yourself Owyn...

<Owen> Perhaps

<Gulliver> Alright, thanks man

<Owen> I've considered numeros nicks hehe
<Owen> By the way one more thing
<Owen> Nachos

<Gulliver> lol, of course