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About the Interviews: These quick, somewhat raw interviews are the product of poor planning on my part, or terrible chat connections, or other unforseen circumstances. Also, a presentation in this format allows me to totally slack on spell checking and grammar, which I like. So, without further adoo, here are some bit's and chunks, which we have recently dug up due to popular demand.


Deadman Interview 11/19/97:

SSS: So did you ever have the intention to do anything else with I'76 besides hacking?

Deadman: (Comment about typos)

SSS: Small errors are O.K., I will correct the accidental ones...

Deadman: In the beggining I had loads of fun playing in non-hexed games but when the altered cars began showing up I had to do something to protect myself. So I began the assult on Hexers.

SSS: So in the beginning, you were anti-'hexxing'?

Deadman: No I was just another I76 player (You have to remember I had this game from the beginning)

SSS: So then how did you go from just another I'76 player to one of the more prominent hackers in I'76?

Deadman: As I recall one of the first hacks (I hate that word) was the flying stag. It was hard to compete with someone that was 90 feet up and you could not BOOT.

SSS: I know what you mean, had the same problems

Deadman: So I began setting my ways toward hacking

SSS: When did you join ST, what were they about, and are they still around?

Deadman: As time went on in the hexing world of I76 we began to see some people that really stood out in the game of hexing. I devoted lots of time also helping others get started on ther way. As a result of this I was asked to join one of the first Hacker gangs and really one of the first gangs around. BLADESK8ER and Road Toad were the founders of the gang ST and BLADE is still around poping in and out of games once and a while

SSS: So did you all work together on doing new hex edits?

SSS: Or did you just play together, fighting others, etc.?

Deadman: Well we were devoted to become the best hackers on I76. We were sworn to never reveal our secrets and never disban. There were only a few in our group that did the serious editing but we were all skilled in hex and there were always members will to test new hacks out. As for playing we only had one map were only ST could go and we used this for meetings. But we really liked to assalt the community of i76 to show all what we had.

SSS: Any other hacking gangs that you have fond memories of 'out-hacking'?

Deadman: Ah yes, the days of gang wars. My real favorite was the MAX they sure could talk up a storm but when we had our first war they ran like little scared rats. There was also the WC, you know Madcows little deal. We went up against them a few times but then we all became friends and out of respect we let off. ...but as for MAX it was kill on sight.

Deadman: Ohh ya I still think ST is the best (not that I'm conceited)

SSS: So didn't it come to a point (eventually) where everyone was fireproof and the arms race had pretty much ended?

SSS: Basically, hacked to the point of invincibility?

Deadman: Even the best hacks had weaknesses. The fire hack doesnt prevent death it just prolongs it. The way the others were using there hacks still left them vunrable to lots of weapons. My greatest reason for my first retirement was we were haveing trouble with imposters.

SSS: So were these the WC impersonations?

Deadman: No the WC were great still friends with most. We were getting people that would pose as someone and go raid non-hexed games ruining our reps. I myself never go to a visable no hack game and always ask for permission to play upon entering a game that could go either way.

SSS: So are there any invincible cars really?

Deadman: No even me in my greatest days can still be killed. Believe it or not the other day a non-hacks came to my game to see if he could compete. It was at the airport and he was heading over a jump to go to the garage and he didnt make it. As a result he fell to his death. I was so close behind when I hit the jump he exploded right under me. I'm thinking it was his steering wheel that got me. :<)

Deadman: Talk about karma being killed by a non-hack.


Death Machine Interview 1/12/98:

Death Machine: Do you spellcheck these Ints?

SSS: Somewhat.

Death Machine: OK, good.

SSS: I repair spelling but I sometimes keep queer sentence structure for the sake of atmosphere.

Death Machine: I am queer.

SSS: We started the interview already you know.

Death Machine: Hehe!

SSS: So Death Machine, despite your impressive skills in I'76, you remain somewhat unkown to most I'76 players. How do you account for this oversight?

Death Machine: ...

Death Machine: I didnt realize I was "unknown", but I usually try to keep a low profile I guess.

SSS: Any paticular reason you like to keep to yourself?

Death Machine: Its not that I keep to myself, its just that i dont go around blowing my own horn.

SSS: What do you feel entails 'blowing of horn', message boards and that sort of stuff?

Death Machine: Yeah, I like reading the boards but I dont feel the urge to participate.

Death Machine: Too political I guess.

SSS: So if you were a country in the world which one would you be, Switzerland?

Death Machine: Hehe, well... I am Canadian, so I would be Canada!

SSS: When it comes to fighting, what's your preffered vehicle config?

Death Machine: My preffered config on the main server is a black royale with 3 30mm cannons and a fire dropper. It seems to work well against most other vehicles out there.

SSS: That's a unique config for an experienced driver.

SSS: Where are the Mortars?

SSS: Where are the Aim Neins?

Death Machine: Well, when I first started I used them alot. So, after a while I said to myself "Hey, this is too easy!". Thats when I started with the guns.

SSS: So why not move down to something of a smaller caliber, from 30MM, say .50 cal?

Death Machine: When I first started using guns, I used 3 7.62s. I found that was too hard to hit, and wasn't too much of a deterrent to other players. Then I switched to 30mm 7.62 combo, that seemed to work well...but after a while I realized I didn't really need the 7.62 because all I was really using it for was aiming (as a tracer) so, I switched to all 30mms.

SSS: But what about the challenge? (Interviewer grins)

Death Machine: It's not as easy as it looks.

Death Machine: I admit it does kill fast, but out there on the main server you're dealing with alot of cheese.

SSS: What type of cheese, mozerrela?

SSS: Or is it...ugh...brie?

Death Machine: No, its moldy stinky cheese.

Death Machine: I dont like it!

SSS: What kind of cheese do they eat in Canada anyways?

Death Machine: What, are all Americans ignorant? We eat the same stuff you eat, except ours tastes better!

SSS: (Interviewer laughs)

SSS: So how come you DO play on the main server so often, as opposed to MERCNET?

Death Machine: I started on I76NET and I didn't realize there were any others out there. When I did find Merc', it was full of you AVA types.

Death Machine: Now I am on there all the time.

SSS: Your Royale doesn't have any problem areas really?

Death Machine: Being a gunner type car, its heavy on the armor and light on the chassis. So the Royales weakness is definately fire and .45.

SSS: So being on I'76net all the time, did you ever get discouraged by alot of the bad attitudes that tend to lurk there?

Death Machine: No, I tend to ignore all the bad apples out there. If I find any in my game I usually boot them.

SSS: So you mentioned finding all the 'AVA types' on mercnet, did you notice any differences in playing them compared to the I76net experience?

Death Machine: Oh, theres a big difference. For one, the AVA types tend to use rear mortars. Whereas i76neters tend to use front mounted morts. The skill level on merc is a little more advanced than that of i76net.

SSS: Are the attitudes the same overall to you?

Death Machine: I find that on mercnet most players are nice people, I rarely have any problems with them. On i76net its a whole different story, there are lots of wierdos out there.

SSS: Have you ever had joined one of those games entitled 'free sex here' or some such?

Death Machine: I create those areas, I am very lonely.

SSS: Have you used the AVA rules since entering Mercnet?

SSS: And what do you think of them?

Death Machine: I use the AVA rules more often than not. I enjoy AVA games alot.

SSS: Have any favorite maps?

Death Machine: My favorite map for fighting is Vigilantes Paradise. My favorite map for racing is probably DMtrack.

Death Machine: DMtrack is my map. Hehe.

Death Machine: I'm waiting for you to ask me why im not in a gang!

SSS: Did you have alot of friends on I76NET that you played with to pass the time, or was it sort of a lone wolf thing...where you'd just host games and blow away nameless vehicles?

Death Machine: My brother and I played alot for a bit, then he lost interest for some reason...but none of my friends are really into I'76. Although I have made many new friends over the net since I started using ICQ, there are alot of good people out there in I'76 land. I am never alone.

SSS: Even when you turn off the computer?

Death Machine: Ok, you got me...I am alone. Except for all my invisible friends out there.

SSS: Aren't you a little old for invisbile friends? heh heh

SSS: So do you have any plans to ever join a group, or possibly form your own?

Death Machine: No.

SSS: What do you think of hacking, and hacks that tresspass into your games on I76 net?

Death Machine: I think hacking is OK, if they stay in their own games. Once those multiturreted freaks join my game I kill them, then I boot them.

SSS: What about cheese? Like a Stag with 4 cluster bombs?

Death Machine: If it's just me against the Stag, it's OK. If one comes in a game and starts disrupting honorable play, then I politely ask them to leave.

SSS: So anyways, why don't you tell me why you aren't officialy part of an organizations...

Death Machine: When I first started playing I saw gangs come and go. I dont think anyone cares about what gang you're in, its who you are as an individual person. I cant stand all the politics and bad blood that I see on the message boards.

SSS: But what about the camraderie?

Death Machine: I have that now, when I'm playing with my invisible friends.

Death Machine: Hehe.

SSS: And what sort of games do you play with them?

Death Machine: Games that I care not to mention...too disturbing.

SSS: Free Sex on I76 net-type games?

Death Machine: No cannot prove anything!