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Tex BBB / [FD]

Music Option: "Ballroom Blitz"

About the Interviewee:Our man Tex was the last active member of Bell Bottom Blasters (BBB) and is currently riding with The Freak Dogs ([FD]). Tex is as at home in an AVA sanctioned race as he is in an FFA with 7 other guys trying to do him in. He's also an adept map explorer, finding "hidden" passages in numerous maps from Lost Mines to Ruins. As one of the last of the first Nitro Pack players and member of two "popular" gangs, Tex a lot of experience we're hoping he'll share with us.


New Speed Shop Staff: Hey Tex, thanks for taking time to do this with us.

Tex: ( static...)

NSSS: OK, thanks...I guess we'll try again later.
NSSS: (...much, much...much later) Hey, I've been drinkin' and have the editor open. (I see you're on ICQ.) Wanna do that interview? :o)

Tex: ( static...)

NSSS: Huh...who'da thunk it...?
NSSS: (...more time passes...) You wanna try and do the interview tonight before the game?

Tex: Yes.

NSSS: Say when.

Tex: OK.
Tex: (...zzzzz...)