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INT Toxy

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About the Interviewee: INT Toxy, formerly known as HP Toxy, is one of the Ace driver's using AVA rules for most of his gaming in I'76. He is renowned for his ability to drive backwards and tell funny little jokes.

SSS: So how did you come to the conclusion that driving in reverse was a viable option in combat?

INT Toxy: Well, it stems from my use of the front mortar as a primary weapon. It is easier to hit people when I am driving away from them, yet still facing them. Also, cars make sharper turns in reverse. Making it easier to set people up for mortar shots.

SSS: Is that your preferred weapon?

INT Toxy: Well, I consider the van and the Vikea wagon weapons because they are so deadly. But as for something that I shoot out of my car, I'd have to say that mortars and oil slick are about even

SSS: So what, in your opinion, makes the van and wagon so deadly in combat?

INT Toxy: They come in a variety of swell colors. Also, they have two droppers. And I like that a lot. You can't go wrong with oil and fire droppers.

SSS: What do you like abut this game so much?

INT Toxy: I am good at it. And that makes anything more fun. But also, it (in my opinion) handles lag better than most other online games. And I must admit, I'm getting a little tired of quake.

SSS: So do you have any special warm-ups you do, or have done, to become such a well rounded player?

INT Toxy: Well, before it became easy for me to do, I used to practice doing bootlegs all the time. Some people think this is a useless thing to do, but using front weapons and oil the way I do makes it quite effective. Other than that, I just go onto i76net and beat up on the goobers there for a bit to get warmed up.

SSS: What are some of your most memorable events playing I'76?

INT Toxy: Hmm, well it was very memorable at first... but I don't really remember who I played back then. I do remember beating the tar out of you for a while there (SuiCyco). And playing with Team INT recently has been more fun that I76 has been in a while.

SSS: What do you percieve as some of your strengths and weaknesses in combat?

INT Toxy: Well, my pinpoint accuracy with the mortar is definately a strength. As is killing people with a well timed bootleg. As far as weaknesses... some would say that not using rear mortars is a weakness. But my worst is the fact that I often forget to turn off my engine when faced with missiles and turrets.

SSS: Being in the middle of things, what did you think of the HG dissolving, and the AVA-DMV split up?

INT Toxy: I never did like the undesirable elements in the HG. I liked the premise, but not the superior attitude. I don't need the HG for that. :) At any rate, I am glad the HG, the way it was, is gone. I think the DMV is silly. It is a whole orginization that was created because some people don't like helicopters. I think some of us still have a little growing up to do.

SSS: Some would say that helicopters add an imbalance to the game...

INT Toxy: Anything can imbalance the game. But if everyone has anything, then nothing isn't balanced.

SSS: What's your opinion on cheese?

INT Toxy: Cheese alone isn't a problem. It is people who use cheese and then think that they are somehow better than me when I get killed. I just get mad when they feel good about themselves. Is that so wrong?

SSS: It could be argued that you just aren't good against, say, a pickup with 4 clusterbombs, and maybe that is why your upset, because of a deficeiny within yourself?

INT Toxy: Actually, I am pretty good against such a car. But when facing 3 or 4 of them I start to have trouble. That using cheese takes no skill is an opinion that a lot of people (including me) share. To prove this, I drove a stag pickup with 3 aim9s and a 7.62 turret in a game I hosted. I got about a 2 to 1 kill ratio. This may not seem impressive. But keep in mind that I had my eyes closed the whole time.

SSS: So this brings me back to my original question, your opinion on cheese. Personally, I prefer cheddar, though a bit of swiss here and there sits well too.

INT Toxy: Well, for general snacking purposes, cheddar or colby works best. But Velveta does melt better than all others. This makes it the ideal cheese for dipping.

SSS: Is there any parting advice you can give the newbie reading this interview right now?

INT Toxy: Well, if you want to be a good I76 player, don't hack and avoid cheese. And if you want to be REALLY good, play I76 online way too much.