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About the Interviewee: Wayek. Zealot of the Interstate or slightly overcooked pasta? The votes are in and they say "Both!". Let's see what "the second most industrious vigilante on the road" is all about, how he got here and what he has to say about the state of the game and community.


New Speed Shop Staff: Howdy, Wayek. Welcome to INTerviews. What's the good word?

Wayek: Hey, how's it going?... glad to be here

NSSS: Cool, cool. I guess the most important question of the INTerview is: Why are you here? I mean, the games been unsupported for 16 years.

Wayek: Why? That's an easy answer.. I'm here to proove that I am the best interstate player and to dominate the competition and leave them in the dust and to hack all over the place and maybe start a nudist colony.....

Wayek: LOL well not really.. I've been a fan of the game for a very long time and just kinda got curious if there was still a multi-player community still going

NSSS: We've been looking over your body of work since showing up back in 2014 and it's a pretty impressive resume. Lightfoot calls you the "second most industrious vigilante on the road". What's that all about?

Wayek: Since I've became active around here I basically do anything that I can to help out.. I go out of my way to promote the fact that we can get I'76 Nitro working on the newer machines and we also have router support to play online and it's usually me or Lightfoot who is doing the troubleshooting to help people get the game running.....I promote AVA style racing and non-cheese combat... host a weekly event ......... But really there isn't anything very special about that ... any other player could do the same things ... heh

NSSS: Right on. We were going to ask you about the Tech Support Forum and your role as "Minister of Propaganda" over on Facebook. *wink*

NSSS: You mentioned the AVA. What's your take on it's future, if it has any?

Wayek: Hah... yeah thanks .. there are 2 pages on Facebook but I mainly do the protion of the site on the group that has just 75 members instead of the one with 118 ...... less spam that way and the regulars are on it more

NSSS: Rumor has it you were banned from the "other" group?

Wayek: Lies and fabrications .... I was never banned from that group... just "not allowed to post for a few days" *wink*

NSSS: We won't dig that ditch. What about the AVA?

Wayek: My take on the AVA is the old saying really... "if you build it, they will come" ....but the thing is that people need to push it more . I have an open challenge posted on the board that anyone can respond to and take me up on it and another one to Fallen Angel who might take me up on that too now since he's been around a bit more... Lightfoot has a challenge to GrizZz for combat which we're waiting on the date to be set for and a few others have participated .....

Wayek: it's really a matter of getting people interested in it again and really pushing it ..... maybe if we had some really eye catching logos and videos and stuff it could work .... we'll see

NSSS: Interesting. So, circling back to 2014. There was a big push for Interstate '76 to be a "thing" again with guys like ********** and ********** really pressing for a revival and then disappearing. What do you think happened?

Wayek: He had an idea to get either get the franchise rebooted or something..I think what happened was ********** was either interested or annoyed....who knows .. I know ********** had some pretty wild ideas but since those guys don't even work for Activision anymore it's nearly pointless . Besides we're just fine with what we have going right now :)

NSSS: It doesn't really sound like much has changed since 1998, only the crowds are smaller. *wink* Is there anything you'd like to add before we call this INTerview one for the books?

Wayek: Meh

NSSS: Thanks for your time!