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The SuperSpin Phenomenon
By: Death Machine

INTRODUCTION: I was in a game one day on I76net (in my Royale of course), duking it out with a couple of mantas armed with multiple aim-nien missiles when something very wierd happened...while performing a series of quick 180 degree spins to avoid a volley of A9s, I was thrown into a very fast spin and before I could utter the words "holy &%@$!" my game crashed to the desktop. I thought to myself "interesting, musta been a lag burst" and I soon forgot about it...untill it happened again a week later while I was performing the exact same manouvers as before, this time I knew it wasnt lag and I decided to try and do it again on took a while, but I managed to figure it out.

MASTER THE SPIN: To perform the superspin, you must first know how to spin 180 degrees from forward into reverse without losing speed and momentum. This manouver is very useful in combat, especially if you have front weapons and someone is behind you. You can do this using the E-Brake (EB) and Toggle Reverse (TR) keys.
Step 1: Gain speed, its easier to perform 180s at high speed.
Step 2: Turn sharply left or right...whatever feels the most comfortable.
Step 3: While in the turn, tap the EB key. This should cause you to lose traction and send you into a spin.
Step 4: While sliding in the spin, center the steering and press the TR key before you rotate past 180 degrees. Now you should regain traction and be in reverse at close to the same speed you were travelling in step 1.

MAKE IT SUPER: Hopefully, with a little practice, you should be able to perform this manouver consistently. Now, Ill explain how to do the superspin.
Step 1: Perform steps 1-3 explained above.
Step 2: While sliding in the spin, turn sharp in the OTHER direction, press the TR key before you rotate past 180 degrees and at the exact moment you regain traction, tap the EB key. Now you should be spinnng at a fantastic rate.

MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL:Remember, to be successful you must time the last e-brake perfectly for this manouver. It takes lots of practice and you probably wont be able to do it every time...heck, I can only do it once in every three or four tries. Try it first on flat ground, then try it off of a ramp or cliff for more rotations. As I mentioned above, this may crash your game. I have determined that the only view that wont make you crash is F10...probably due to the fact that it doesnt rotate to follow the car. So always use F10 when spinning, unless you like crashing to the desktop. I have yet to find a practical use for this phenomenon and I will be the first to admit that its totally useless in combat, I will also be the first to admit that its pretty dang cool! If you dont believe me (and Im sure some of you dont, hehe) I have made an .MP4 of me at Vigilantes Paradise, spinning off one of the Thrill Show ramps (Click here!). If you have any questions or comments, contact me via ICQ at UIN# 5582642. Good luck, and have FUN!

-Death Machine