Speed Shop Studies Group
An area of knowledge provided by SuiCyco's Speed Shop

Study Link: Short Description:
Weapons Testing
Playkill Weapons Study: The Original I'76 Study, focused on the effectiveness of I'76 weapons and their relation to the AVA based pricelists. By Thibor.
Engine Testing
Making Power: Three cars set off across the highways. One with big displacement, one with a supercharger, and one with nitrous... Who's fastest? By SuiCyco.
Lag Study
Lag Aiming: One of the deadliest straight shooters of them all; Death Machine reveals his secrets here. By Death Machine.
Op. Monkey Wrench: Nitro Weapons Testing
A more in-depth weapons study than even the original weapons article, this covers the Nitro pack update! You can't miss out on this one... By Zaphod.
Lag Study 2
Lag Racing: Want to race online? Well then you're going to have to deal with lag. Invaluable information provided by the racing Master of Funk, The Jaff. By The Jaff.
Hallajalula-- Revelations! Revelations: God spoke to SuiCyco in a dream, in Hope Springs, under the bridge... Or maybe it was the peyote... By SuiCyco.
SupaSpinn! The SuperSpin Phenomenon: How do you get a School Bus full of software developers to spin at 10,000 RPM? Only one man knows. Who else? By Death Machine.
SupaSpinn! I'76: Answers for the Driving Enthusiast: Tough questions asked by one C. Baho, but the Speed Shop has answers. By SuiCyco.
Shuffle... Shuffling the Deck: Rear mortars have been an essential vehicle ingredient since Team Intercept's inception. Find out how you can confront one and live to tell the tale.