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All questions in this section are dealing with non-gameplay inquiries... Map making, ping rates, and so on...

Have a technical question or info to ask? E-mail The Speed Shop.

Mr. Sui, Thanks for making a science out of this wonderful game. Too bad for you, you probably get a lot of guys like me asking you the same dumb questions, but here goes: The manual says that different size wheels have different weights but there is no weight change when configuring vehicle. Do wheels not count in curb weight?
About wheels:
1. What do the do in terms of size? Better road grip, damage resistance, both, or what?
2. What sort of effect, if any, does putting different size wheels on the front and back of cars have?
3. Any drive issues -- RWD,FWD,AWD? I take it they are all RWD, as most of the "real" cars were. Are the rear wheels the ones with "bite?" Where does chassis reinforcement come in handy with regards to traction and steering?
General config:
1. How can one calc the results of diff engines in any given car? I suppose the horsepower is set, but acceleration differs?
2. How to calculate road grip - lateral acceleration? What have you found to be the one car/config that "corners on rails?"
3. What good is side chassis reinforcement? I always drop mine to the absolute minimum and seem to do fine -- but am I missing something?
4. Does front/rear weight distribution have an effect?
5. Do brake choices - including the special, X-Aust Brake, have an effect on the handbreak?
6. Do the specials weigh anything? As ammo is used, does it lighten the car?
7. In what increments does weight make significant changes: is it per pound or like in tens or even 100's?
8. Does anybody or any site have data on all the cars in Nitro pack like the original I76 player's manual?
9. Do the lower (1st and 2nd) gears have different performance in acceleration, uphill grip, or engine breaking?
-C. Baho

Arghhh!!! TOO MUCH!!! Just kidding. :) You asked so many fine questions this became a SSSG topic. Click here to go to I'76: Answers for the Driving Enthusiast.

Dear Sui,
What is torque? How did you figure out what a quarter mile was in I76?

Torque is the FEELING of horsepower.. the "throw you into the back of your seat" feeling you get in a well powered muscle car. It's the sort of feeling you DON'T get in a Geo Metro, for example, or a Porsche 944 (haha Hum!). As for the quarter mile.. I used the main strip at airbase.. it looked about right, 1320, 1330.. close enough.. they (test vehicles) all used this same distance and the times for the vehicles and trap speeds were very accurate (for quarter mile E.T.'s), so I went with it, ya know? :)

I just got interstate '76, and now i'm ready to play on the net. I came looking around at the some sites and found that there are other versions of I76. I have the original. are the other 2 any better? is there an upgrade? can i play people with the other versions. thanx

Unfortunately, shook, all three versions are different. Don't bother getting "Gold" upgrade (though it's free), because it's an orphan and has virtually no online community support for various reasons I won't go into here. Original is still played online, so keep it. Nitropack, on the other hand, has an online following, but costs money to buy, and isn't worth more than 5 cents. It's unstable, inconsistent, the storyline is pathetic and.. it's schlock, Shook. Get it if you can but dont waste your hard earned money on a product Activision hardly worked on.

Hi, omighty god of knowledge type person...
Any way, I just started a gang called Hell's Best Drivers, for some reason, no body joins my recruiting games ( I need people to join cuz I wanna join the AVA) This is how I recruit. I have them do a prelim tryout. I alow them to use a cheesed out vehichle if they wish. Then if they win, i tell em to go to my site. Then that tells em what to do from there on.
- Jaguar [HBD]

The way your doing things sound like a good start. Another way to go is find a friend, enlist as an AVA chapter, go on the ladder. You'll find a lot of freelance players are on the ladder, if they like your attitude and playing style they'll probably inquire about joining, not only that but they will be less inclined to cheese if they join your group than a random player not on the ladder.


Hi Sui, I have recently bought a Gravis X-Terminator game pad. It is full of buttons and mixes analogue with digital better then I've ever seen. It is basically an amazing flight stick built onto a gamepad. I76 users should take a good hard look at this if they enjoy the mega buttons found on most joysticks, but rather enjoy the ease of a gamepad. Just trying to help my fellow gamers.

Sounds good, and I'm sure a bunch of I'76er's will check it out, but what *I* want to know is, how's that going to replace my hotkey 101 Keyboard control setup? ;)

Dear Sui,
Hi Sui? I was just looking at your "Test Drive" on the Courcheval Courchelle and I couldn't help but notice your custom paint job. I saw your E-mail address on the front page so I decided to E-mail you. I was just wandering How you made your custom Paint job because i've allways wanted to make one but didn't know how anyway, Thanx for the help.
- Kurt.

Photoshop and a little creativity go a long way. :)


Speed Shop,
Hi, This may seem really dumb, but how do you use the hacker tracker in on- line games; do you just run it in the background, while playing, or at the start, etc? Also, another dumb question; is there a kick command for online games? I'm getting really pissed off by people with cars that turn out to be hacked, after you have let them into the game. I know this isn't directly AVA related, but I guess we both don't like hackers ruining a good game! By the way, keep up the good work.

To use the boot option you need to download an upgrade from Activision, v 1.05 for Classic, or it is naturally apparent in Nitro. To use hacker-tracker, start it up in the background and run a check when you get suspicious, 'alt-tab' will switch between your game and the app. And I personally don't care WHAT someone ruining my game is playing in. Hacked or unhacked I boot their ass. :)


Speed Shop,
When I host an I76 game, how can I tell if the people that come into play have hacked cars, and how can I boot out people that should not be in there or are ruining play for everyone. Thanks in advance.

To use the boot option you need to download an upgrade from Activision, to tell if people are hacked, you can use a special program for Regular I'76 called the AVA HACKER TRACKER, located at have fun!

Speed Shop,
I have owed the I76 arsenal and have the greasted time. However my questions are the maps that I have downloaded for the original wont work on gold it there a place you can get new maps and how do make your own paint shemes like I've seen on interstate. I like the dover rampage and lightening and want to make a general lee paint scheme if possible.

Well, a map editor for I'76 Godl was never released to the public, so sticking to NItro or Regular I'76 is your best bet. As for paints, only a mish-mash of paints already put in I'76 can be combined to make new ones... so no General Lee paint this time around (I'82, perhaps?). And be warned, using 'hacked' paint in I'76 Nitro often causes crashes.

SSS Crew,
I've been playing I '76 for about a year and a half. I really want to play online but it won't work! #$@%! Anyways...I sign online, go to I '76, then I try to join an Internet game on the main server. But it gives me a message about not detecting an ISP connection. Activision's site is crowded with crap about the Gold Edition and NITRO Pack and didn't offer much help. I'm using AOL for Win95 and I was wondering if anyone knew something I could do to take care of this.

I REALLY hate to tell you this but in their infinite wisdom, AOL decided to handle their server connections in a paticular way that is simply incompatible with many online games, and from what I have heard, it's a fact of AOLness. The solution... Change ISP's. Sorry man.. Good luck, and if you switch, remember local ISP's are usually a better deal...

Excellent page!!! Wonderful graphics (especially!!!! I love I76, but I have a prob with it. When I install it, the autoplay feature keeps poppin up. But I don't think thats a problem, and it's probably because I have a 24x CD. I had trouble with the game when installing from the CD, so I copied all of CD #1 to the hard drive. I install from there, I never install DirectX3 because I have DirectX4, and there are no problems during installation. I run the game. When I run it windowed, it runs okay. But if I try to run it full-screen, the screen turns black and the computer stops working. CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing. Please, help!!!!!

DirectX 4.0... I recommend switching back to 3.0 or better yet to 5.0, and definitley update your video card drivers if I'76 has a file update to give you. Bad video driver's with Direct X gives you bad graphics.. and sound, so watch out!

I was wondering what your opinion on all the cool new toys found in the demo was.. Do you like the new weapons? How about the cars? Do you think any of this will change the environment on i76net? How about the ladder? Personally, I would have loved to have a FUN missile against ya on those Salt Flats games...
-EMP Zaphod AVA

I think for the most part, the new weapons are great, the FUN missle provides some interesting challenges, and the Ball of Flame (or Ball of LAME as PunkRocKer calls it), is another great one. Overall, I'76net should be a better place due to the weapon restricition options for game entry and all, and I look forward to the Nitro upgrade providing it is a stable package!

Uhm... Have you tried using the editor yet? AND actuly had some success?? I've got this world defs thing here asking for all these files that DON'T exist anywhere! I don't get this thing. Oh yeah, if you know the author's Email adress, I'd like to mention to him that he should provide a LITTLE help in the documention as to where to actuly find these files or what they should be or whatever. Thanks for any help.
-General "Blood" Thompson

I haven't done any map making in Nitro Pack just yet. Head on over to "The Badlands" news site and ask Bandit about the new conversion process, I heard he had some success, also look for info from Skull n' Bones, and enigmatic Ax-L if you see them around. These are some of the best map makers in the game, very often producing better quality maps then Activision itself! My man from Team Intercept, INT Madhatter, has nicely transcribed all Nitro Map Editor instructions to HTML at

Guys, Sorry for probably the obvious to you, but what exactly is considered a hack? Is it anything beyond the normal cars and configurations available through the standard game?
I've been wanting to participate online but have held back till I had this clarified.

A good question, basically, a hack would be anything you cannot do inside the confines of Activisions user interface for I'76. Changing paint to that of another car, changing the car MODEL name (not the variant name), to somehting else, putting multiple turrets on your car, big wheels from a tractor, etc.. Making your bus fly, driving a tree. All no-no's to the anti-hack person. Although hacks such as paint do not affect gameplay really, they make vehicle identification much more difficult, and open the door for more hacking, so in a game not expressley labeled "HACKS" or something similar, it's a good idea to make sure hacking is O.K.- or not.

hi, ive got this problem with my in game cut scenes pixilising (getting like 1 cm pixels) and then crashing i76. I have a force feedback pro (microsoft) and therefor i have to use the d3d version (i think). btw, u guys have the best i76 site on the net! thanx in advance :)

This could be caused by my guess, a bad install. It could also be an unusually sluggish CD-ROM or an outdated CD-ROM driver, or possiblly an old Video Card Driver or an old version of Direct-X. This is important, without a good version of Direct-X I'76 starts acting weird, giving you bad screen refresh and crazy sound problems. Although it shouldn't fix the problem, see how the game runs with 3D support deactivated. Update your Video Card Driver and CD-ROM driver, reinstall, and install the CD's Direct X drivers. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll consult the tarot cards and chicken bones for more info. ;)

What do/where can I find what all codes & initials that appear on the I'76net game/car names mean? What are/where can I find the protocols or rules (formal and informal) that govern, or are in use on, the I'76net that pertain to hosting and joining games? i.e. if a game type is "open", should I ask to join? Thanks---
Big D

The image link in the SSS Links section, The Brotherhood, is just what you are looking for! And it rocks!

In all your days of playing i76, did you ever have this error? I just bought it because I couldn't wait for the arsenal to be released, I've been holding out for about 3 months but finally caved in. Anyhow, when I try starting the game it says "Put in disk 2, sugar", and I put the disc in, click ok, and it doesnt spin the drive or anything. It just sits there stupidly. Well then I can click cancel to take me back to the menu, but I can never get it to spin that disc. It happens no matter what menu option I choose, and no matter what patch version I run. The game installs fine, the videos run fine.. I can even start the game with disc 2 already in the drive, but when it comes time to start driving. It sits there stupidly. Thanks in advance.

I recommend that you first attempt to use disc 2 on a different computer, using a different CD-ROM drive type. If this also fails, you most likely have a bad CD. If it DOES work, you either have a defective CD-ROM drive, a bad CD-ROM driver, or similar problem on the original system you were using...

G'Day! Just a quick question in reference to the following:
"As for game servers. I know there of an I76 server located in Canada, 3 in North America, and 1 in Germany. Try using all of these and see which one works best for you. I've had considerable success with my new ISP, Cox Cable."
Where can I find these servers? Especially Candaian and North-Western U.S. States, as I am in Alberta, Canada. Do you have the addresses for them? I appreciate your help...
Thx, Grizzzzz.

I recently set up a server check on the Index page of Speed Shop, just for this purpose, to monitor the the different game servers. The Canadian server,, does not have a monitor page, however you can join the server by entering the URL into you I'76 server config screen.

Greetings, This is probably the dumbest question you've ever heard and that I've addressed to anybody but [I am asking] since I couldn't find it on any of the sites I looked through or in the manual, by the way the Speed Shop is one of the coolest I'76 sites I've ever come across. Okay then onto my question, I'm looking to put up my own I'76 page after recently learning the wonders of HTML and I want to put up some screenshots on my page so here's my question- is there a screenshot/print screen function built into Interstate '76 and if so which key/combination of keys does it? If not is their some way to get into the actual CD itself and 'rip' images from it?
Thanks for any help you can offer in advance.

If you are looking to get screen captures from your game, make sure you are playing in full screen mode, or else the images will look whacky. Next, hit Ctrl-P. Every time you hit Ctrl-P an image in the .PCX file format will be spawned in your ..activision/interstate76 directory (or whatever you specified as your I'76 directory during the install). If you are having trouble finding the directory or files, do a search for the following filename "SCR0000.PCX", this is the name of the first spawned image file, the others follow in sequence. And thanks for the compliment, as for the dumbest question, it would have to be the one about who Nikki Tyler is.. how could you NOT know who Nikki Tyler is! Bah! =)

Hey SSS, I was wondering what the specials do in i76. Besides the nitro and the blower, I have no idea what use they are.

Mud Flaps: Protect your chassis from damaging terrains such as the one found on "Tombstone" map.
Curb Feelers: Give you an increased chance (10%) of a "Happy Nothing". A happy nothing is the chance (I believe a base 10% chance) that nothing happens (e.g. no damage) when you are hit by an enemy bullet.
Cup Holders: Increase your armor by 10%.
Heated Seats: Increase ammo capacity by 10%.
Radar Jammer: Prevents enemy radars from locking on to your car for a short time (thereby preventing turrets and Dr. Radars from achieving a lock on your position).
X-aust Brake: Assume that you will brake better with this one.

SSS Crew. Is there anyway to get 2 rear morts with hacking (so they don't blow ya up)? I am really, really curious to see what they'll to multi-melee but, alas, can't find a car that doesn't blow up with two in back.
-The Grocer

I asked myself the same question after having a frustrating time against Toxy in a stupid van with 2 front WP mortars. Fortunately, I had a secret weapon.. Skeeter's Van! Armed with two nice and high rear hardpoints. At first Toxy thought it was funny. Skeeter's van and all, you know. But then I linked the WP's in the back and he started complaining how it wasn't a 'normal' vehicle. As far as I know, there is no special code to get Skeeter's van. Therefore, not an easter egg, therefore a hack. Go fire up your hex editor.. and use it wisely.

I just recently added Beatnik to my sit via you guys (thanx a lot!) and was wondering what size the sound file is on the index page? The one on my home page is way too big and takes forever to load. I was also wondering if you could recommend a way for me to make my file smaller without lossing a lot of the sound quaility?

The intro WAV to Speed Shop (from an Audi inline 5 engine I believe), is a 56KB file. With the WAV player as my only tool, the following options are yours to persue.
1) Crop the WAV files uesless parts to reduce file size.
2) Drop stereo quality. It usually doesn't help the WAV quality significantly anyways.
3) The final and most drastic option is to reduce sound fidelity by dropping down to 8kHz, or bad telephone quality.

Okay I have a high ping to the servers 600ms + and usually even worse to other players. Recently I started using 2 aims on the front. Now with some people I can hit when it's a clean shot...but with others I see the hit, I hear the hit..but they didn't. I tested this with [DV] Hubris and I have to anticipate something like 2 seconds ahead of where he is going to be....WHAT CAN I DO??? Do you have any tips, suggestions, ISP recommendations hehe Living in Australia, I am going to have a bad ping no matter who I use... Thanks!!
-[DV] Vigilante

Leave all other internet related programs off. This includes mIRC, ICQ, etc. AIM missles arte tricky, even with minimal lag... And when lag is bad, the shooter sees direct hits that, on the recieving end, never happened. Just as strange, however, is what the shootee sometimes experiences, sideways hits, AIMs making a 180 degree turn and hitting them in the backside like DR Radars. All in all, AIMs and Flamethrowers are probably the most lag-affected weapons in the game. I recommend 50 caliber turrets, droppers, and clusterbombs for the most seriously lagged. What also can make for lag? Speed. If the cara in your game are going 50mph, and there is a second of lag, it's not so bad, but if they are going 150mph... Well, things tend to look quite a bit jumpier. Host games on maps where you and your opponents cannot attain such high speeds so easily, such as VP, or 4pits, or Tempe! As for game servers. I know there of an I76 server located in Canada, 3 in North America, and 1 in Germany. Try using all of these and see which one works best for you. I've had considerable success with my new ISP, Cox Cable. =)

I've noticed brown cacti on some maps, green on others, what gives? And how can I specify these things on my own maps?

This is very observant... I noticed this too when I was trying to put green cacti on the IRD map, and it seems like you can't do that. Just like certain buildings change colors when combined with certain terain textures, or times of day, cacti also change. Green cacti are avaliable on a VP map tone, but sadly, unavaliable on most others. Frustrating isn't that? Well hey, you can always use those cool "HighSchool Christmas Play" trees (as Thibor calls them). Those are green in all situations.