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"High Octane Ultra-Funk"

Sunday, September 6, 1998

Speed Shop, Slowin' Down?:
I know things seem sort of slow but it's just an illusion, pretty soon a really great racing event set up by some very helpful friends of mine and myself is about to go underway, bet you assumed I didn't like racing and felt it was for pansy's, but that's just to get at The Jaff. (He's not a Master of Funk!) ;)

I'76 News:
Like I said, a rally... What the hell, here's the URL... The first even is filled, read the rules, etc. The map's aren't released yet, the event should be underway by the end of next week (barring unforseen but common interferences in our i76 hobby).. :)


Friday, August 21, 1998

Time Flies...:
School is returning for me, or rather, I am returning to it. Maybe this weekend we can get some more things set up for the shop, there's a whole bunch of stuff under development...

Let's see, what was I going to talk about, oh yes, the PlayStation, from Sony. Do You have one? No? Well you are missing out.. Gran Turismo is just so awesome... And WWF Warzone just came out.. nothing like a lil' RASSLING, nothing like a couple overweight beefcakes in leotards grappling each other and knocking one another over the head with crowbars and bleacher seats... In fact here's a movie! But wait, it gets better, pretty soon the best game of all for the PSX comes out: METAL GEAR SOLID. It will be like Quake except you will have to use your brain, not just your reflexes. Exquisite!

I'76 News:
Well first thing I need to say here is that I am very happy to see the way DV Humongus is running the DV club. He's pushing for more open minded, intelligent communication between members, and between the group and others. I never thought Hum would make a "bad" choice for head of DV but he is turning out to be a brilliant moderator and attentive leader. Too bad he's still stuck on those ugly Porsche's. Ah, we all have our vices. :)

I hate SUV's:
I was going to go street racing the other night against a friend of mine but all he has is a sedan so we decided to go off-roading in his pop's Jeep Cherokee, I hated it... Well, anyways, so we're crusing back home and it's a little after midnight, and this civic pulls up at the stoplight with a big coffee can muffler, sticker, the whole bit. My friend rev's the Jeep's engine, the other guy rev's, friend put's the Jeep in drive and.. CLUNK!!! The other guy wizzes by and says "HA HA!!! YOU BROKE YOUR DRIVESHAFT!!!" Undoubtebly a hilarious moment, unfortunately I was in the wrong car to be laughing, so I held it in, mostly. The lamest part of all? He was revving the stupid Jeep engine at a measly 3,000 RPM...


Friday, August 14, 1998

Some Community Help, How Uplifitng!:
Well we got to talking on the message board about people sending in a few good transparent GIF's for the random index imager and so they did. Phatness. Those images are in the array now. Let us see... What else to talk about, ah, DV Dougery is holding a race this weekend, thlink goes to his post on our message board. Kula's hard drive exploded this week... And DV Vigilante has put I'76 on the back burner, indefinitley. This is too bad, because Vigilante was a hip cat... Sadder still, his strange, self admitted porschephile, DV Humongus, is now running the DV gang. :) Seriously though, it is strange to think that Humongus, once a rude and obnoxious hacker (now just obnoxious), is the leader of an anti-hack group like DV. Truth is stranger than ficition...


Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Ohhh.. RANDOM!:
As you may notice, the index page has some randomness now, hope you like it. :) Also updated the links a bit, they were getting broken, added a few new ones also. If you have a personal I'76 diary you maintain and want a link to it here let me know, I think the personal pages kick ass. There's also new MP3's, thre will be new MP3's every update it seems, I'm sure plenty of you will dislike my choice, a Misfits song this week, but hey, that's why it's called "Sui's Pick". Well you can always download the I'76 Era MP3, can't go wrong with that... :) Also, check out this cool retouch on the config screen I took at the blessing of the cars that Zaphod sent in... Thanks Zaph!

And in reality...:
Reality's been good to me lately. Went Go Kart racing the other day it was alot of fun, and my arm is getting better, even though I tweaked it up again while playing air hockey a few days ago. I'll probably go racing again next week, it's nice hauling ass without having to worry about getting a ticket. :)


Thursday, August 6, 1998

The message board is proving a great place for ideas and general BS... Already I was informed of some bad links in my site (from the members.home move), and thanks to some good feedback I implemented the following MP3 selection deal.. each week or so, I'll put 2 new MP3's up. One from the Interstate Era (currently 70's), and one I think is just plain good (This could be anything except, say, Sinead o'Conner...). So if it's RAP one day don't send me e-mail threats. The next week could very well be some good 'ol ROCK AND ROLL. At any rate, it's good to sample a wide range of music. Why? Because SuiCyco says so, and he runs the MP3 selection. ;)

Happy Birtday MAIN!!!:
Rockaho's birthday today, ju know dat? Well now ju do! Habby birtday!


Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Pranged my arm this week, so I'm trying to stay off the mouse, though the keyboard doesnt seem so bad... Anyways, more stuff at the blessing repository. Activision pics and my summary are in.

Well this is good news... we have a good message board now. It's for all the z.interspeed ppl. Post, check it out, etc. :)r I've got more CGI plans for the future.. just you wait....


Tuesday, July 28, 1998

I am back.:
Well I went to the show in L.A., and it was pretty fly... I'll write up a summary on it later, for next week most likely. Here is the blessing repository.. enjoy! I also added an MP3 of the week on our index page. This week it's rap, next week, who knows? ... enjoy it :)


Friday, July 24, 1998

Some coool stuff:
Plasmid was kind enough to send me the chat log session from the I82 chat with Zack Norman... Here's the readable version, and straight logfile for all you masochists out there. Thanks Plas!

Also the shop has some cool things happening.. I re-opened the junkyard, which is basically the repository for newsbits and other insignifica, maybe check it out if bored, and I brushed up the index page for interviews, making it easier to read. Rockaho also converted a few of my old maps to Nitro, and they're in there. :) Well, this marks my last update before the Blessing of the Cars/I'82 thing.... wish me luck! I'll bring back some pics!


Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Gearing Up!:
Who's going to the I82/Blessing of the cars meet? Good Question... Well here is the crew I'm going with.. They are:

1) INT SuiCyco (me) and Ladyfriend

2) INT Grimm

3) INT Jolt!man and Homeboys

4) Rockaho and Lucidity

5) Deadman

6) Barney Badass (possibly)

So, that's what, about 8 people? Cool! If you want to join us, E-mail me.

And more excuses..:
Well I was all set to reply to the strategy questions I left off with last week... but wouldn't you know FireHawk and Rockaho make me go play I'76 for 4 hours tonight... Those slave drivers! ;) So I'll do that next update.. but not to worry I haven't forgot about those questions...! Or all the other stuff I can't remember to do!


Thursday, July 16, 1998

Well Hot damn...:
Coolest news comes first, so here goes... There is going to be an I-82 convention of sorts... In Glendale, Los Angeles CA. later this month. I am going, Maybe INT Grimm might come with me too, who knows? I plan to meet up with Rockaho and Lucidity, go down there, check out the hotrods, play some I-82 and kick some Activision programmer butt in my virtual 240-Z while I'm at it. :) So, that said.. anyone care to join us? If you are interested get in touch with Rockaho, since we will all meet at his place in Orange County more than likely, and end up there later in the night. Did I mention his brothers are bartenders? It'll be great! I'll be bringing a digital camera this time, and I'll post some of the images up on the web. If you live in the Southern California region or will be around there anyways, let us know, the more the merrier.. but no laggers! ;) Click here to see the I-82 Activision attendance flyer.

And to top it off..:
Jaff, the best racer in the biz, has completed the latest SSS-G study - Racing in a Laggy Environment. eing the only race ladder Master of Funk, this guy knows his stuff.. check it out for the low down on peeling out and taking names!

But that's not all..:
My Aussie Bro's, the Disco Vigilante's, have redesigned their website, it even has the shive-ass disco ball. It is now being hosted by i76.com, and they've finally escaped the claws of Geocities. Way to go. :)


Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Busy Busy Busy:
I am very busy! Work, the page.. which may APPEAR to be updating slowly, but keep in mind I am trying to get Sui Soccer moving, get z.interspeed.net correct, and people are moving in.. like Aquila, and SoS, and who the heck knows who else? BUT, there is alot of strategy questions I need to reply to... so another update.. Thursday, if the surf doesn't hit... is a definite possibility. I'm sure you also noticed the intro page was changed.. like it, hate it, any suggestions..? Let me know. Also there is a nifty little banner thing now for Speed Shop you can use if you like the site and want to share it with people on your own I76 web page.... here it is...


Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Cool Week:
Well I had a great last week. Oh come on, I know you care. :) I got some surfing in, which was cool, and I didn't have to work at all. Then I went up to L.A. on the weekend to this really bad (as in not good) animation convention, that my girlfriend wanted to see. It was horrible. Everything was overpriced, and the place was stuffed with fanboy dorks who smelled like they had not taken a shower in several weeks. They were ugly, smelly people. Fortunately, I met up with Lucidity and Rockaho, and they came with us. It made me feel better, misery loves company, you know. ;) However, they would have the last laugh on me! I went to their house, and lo! Watch out! They practically run an animal shelter. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, but one of their pets (which one, who knows?) gave me a horrible allergic reaction and I was sneezing the whole time there. After a few drinks, courtesy of Rock's brother (a bartender, whee!), we settled down into I'76 Nitro and I joined a game with Wingnut, DM, and others, and proceeded to blow them into tiny bits! DM didn't believe it was me, since I do not have Nitro on an internet machine (alas, I was at Rock's house...) All in all, Rock was a way cool guy! NOTE: I did not sit in his car, contrary to whatever stories he may tell some of you. No, I drove my own car to all destinations.

Soccer TIME!!! :
After about.. hmm.. 8 months of delays.. SUI-SOCCER is about to happen n a few weeks... The map is being redesigned for I'76 classic (by INT Elwen), the wbe page is being built (by me), and there will be prizes... REAL, TANGIBLE prizes I bought just for this event, and I will mail them both to the 2 winners of the Soccer Cup... so find a partner and start practicing ramming things! Umm... that didn't sound good did it? Well, anyways, be prepared! er...

Yes.. you heard right.. And it is called GRAN TURISMO. It's only on Playstation.. but it is great. Here is a sample pic from the game, and an Rx-7 avi movie, with game soundtrack.. actual sim footage, not a lame game movie clip! This game lets you handle EVERYTHING.. from engine balancing to downforce (front AND rear), tire grade, exhaust system, body panel weight... Cars all handle according to layout.. FWD, RWD, AWD, front engine, mid engine... A MUST for the European-style race enthusiast. Better than anything I have seen anywhere for sim racing.

Played some Nitro at home...:
Well, it's official, Nitro sucks ass and I installed it on the home PC. You cannot hardly hear the DR radar launches, aims are a joke, fire and oil dissappear, and guns eat you alive with a dashboard hairy... But the people more than make up for it... Had a great game with Death Machine, INT FireHawk, Katana, Rokaho, Bug, and Iceman, and at the end of the night I used my coolest car of all... Twin WP Palamino! Yes! hee hee.


Monday, June 29, 1998

Back to "normal":
Some good updating here, with plenty more coming. Bozzer is in the process of redesigning the Test Drive section, which looks tons better than the old crusty way I had it set up. Also I've brushed up the spares table look... And the links... Wow a bunch of useless updates for you huh? :) Well, no fear, because it's MAILBAG DAY!!! Yes! After 2 months of slacking.. new mail! And your going to love these, here's a taste of what's to come in our strategy section...

"You have not interviewed any Nitro hackers, those guys are the best because its is hard hacking Nitro. It just says "cheating bastard alert" but NemesiS and Mr Sadist an the regular posters on NemesiS Nitro hacks board. They are really skill. I mean Death Machine who is he?"

And that's not all.. also a total of 7 cries (of which I only reply to one) for help from doomed AOHELL users... ah, too bad, so sad, AOL won't let you play I'76 online, so let AOL friends know what they should know already.. AOL=suck. :)

What Else?:
There are more wonderful Aquila rants to come (will the supply EVER run dry? I think so, now that he has sprouted his own HTML wings), and the feedback data is ready, as it has been, and merely waiting for some liberal commentary to spice it up... Uhh.. in real life.. I have the week off.. And I may go to some animation festival in L.A. (not my idea but oh well).. Maybe I'll visit Orange, CA. on the way up... Mystery INT prospect #1! Oh, and I saw this movie Gattaca, which is great, and for old movies.. everyone who likes I'76 MUST see BULLET with Steve Mcqueen... :) Ciao!


Wednesday, June 24, 1998

The Site Moved!:
The site is in the moving process (as am I), I say process because I am itching to apply some of my more polished HTML skills to the site now that I have unlimited space on interspeed.net. This means I am moving practically EVERYTHING off of GeoGhetto, once and for all, though I'll keep the handy e-mail address. As of right now, I have pages pointing to members.home.net, geocities.com AND now z.interspeed.net... thing's may be broken... I'll fix them though, but it may take a few days to iron it all out. Also I may supply an MP3 music file each week, now that I have the space, of some music that I like. So, for now, the site is up, but there is no new info yet (apologies to those I said info would be updated on 24). But that's coming soon. Seriously. Hey, stop looking at me like that, I'm serious!

OH GOD!!! :
Nooooooo!!! I'm meeellttiinnggg! My cable modem is gone! Ahhhhh!!! WHAT IS THIS 2.1 KPS?!?! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

That's right.. but don't worry, I can handle two games at once :) The other game I have been enjoying is SubSpace. I highly, highly recommend it, and I even heard you can find it for as low as $9.99 now. Check it out, you can download a fully operational demo from their site too! Recently, in fact, I set up the ruleset page for a SubSpace server mod called War Zone Chess on this same server. It's an example of my more polished HTML, and I'll be steering SSS design in that format...

A very sad note to end this update on...:
I just recieved this e-mail recently from my friend Hoppo, designer of Hoppo's Hax, the awesome I'76 mod package, it seems his friend is leaving their apartment... and taking the computer with him! Bah! It's always sad to me when an innovative fellow like Hoppo leaves the I'76 world. I doubt he can ever be replaced. Let's hope he can work out a way to come back soon!

"Hello, I haven't heard from you for a while, hope everything's ok. Bad news for me - Patrick, one of my house mates, and the guy who owns the computer I've been using, is moving out and taking it with him. This means I'm not going to have net access or even a machine to work ( and play ) on, until I don't know when. I have made a basic version of hop76 for Nitro, which I have attached, which looks like it may be my swansong. I may be able to sort something out to get access to another machine, though I don't know how yet. As it stands it looks like I'm forced to resign from my i76 career. I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and the game - you are a real credit to the i76 community, and wish you all the best with the project... ...I hope I'll be able to get to see it if things work out. If you ever need to get in contact my snail mail address is... ...Well, thanks and all the best, Hoppo "


Tuesday, May 26, 1998

I Have Returned...:
School is out, which is cool, except I have to find a new place to live which means the location of the SpeedShop may likely change... I hate it when that happens but that's the way it is. What interesting things have I done in the last month.. hummm.. I test drove a 240-Z powered by a 305 CI (about 5 liters) V-8 engine from an IROC-Z Camaro... Unfortunately the Z still had stock (1972!) suspension, a automagic tranny, and still had the 240-Z LSD, so it wasn't as much fun as scary when you put it in first gear and stepped on the gas. The car didn't go forward it sort of wanted to spin in a circle. Played this racing game at an arcade which is awesome, it's called "GT Racing" or something, expensive to play (75 cents a race), but 4 people can race at once, and you can drive an F-40, Viper, 911, or Mclaren. Great game. Played some good I'76 with trying out The Jaff's new scenario, I call it "Burning Children", there is even a tournament for it, check it out here. And if you join, you better kiss your kiddies goodbye, I'll be joining it too. :)

We Don't Care About YOU, Sui, what's up with the Speed Shop?:
O.K., jeez, there's a new study by Zaphod in the SSS-G section, it's short on comments but long on hard numbers and data. I recommend it be reviewed in conjunction with Thibor's older and somewhat dated (now) weapons test article, to give the reader a better overview. Also, Aquila has sent in some great articles, and I'll be putting them up weekly. I'll be updating weekly also.

Saturday, April 4, 1998

Did you quit or something???:
Yeah yeah, I'm here. I know things have been suspiciously slow, but all that means is I must be working on something huge, right? Right! So enjoy the clam, er calm, before the storm. As for the shop itself, well, this coming week I'll have time to put up the feedback results, and also respond to some thoughtful questions SSS has received on tactics and why Porsches look like VW Bugs.

Games Games!:
Well, I was given the Babylon 5 Reference CD the other day. It was only 8 bucks I was told, so when it sort of sucked I wasn't feeling too bad. But it did come with a great soundtrack CD, the soundtrack composer is excellent and has a unique style. Babylon 5 is the only TeeVee show I bother watching, and I watch every episode, you have to considering Babylon 5 is a huge, 5 year story. But it is quite awesome. So anyways, where was I.. Ah yes. Sierra is going to be making a Babylon 5 Sim/Strategy game, and I can't wait! It will probably be out early '99 (they are saying late '98 but you know how that goes), and I am looking forward to the day when I can point my Centaur Battle Cruiser at a Narn Capital Ship and blow the hell out of it. :) Fully expect to see an "Interceptor Squadron" if there's online play for that game AND if I convince the Team to play with me. :)

But, it's not out yet so I'm not playing it. So I decided to see what the competition had going. Someone put me on a hot tip. I-War. But the demo left me feeling annoyed. The game reminded me of Quake in a space cruiser. I don't like Quake. There were no instructions, and I ended up chucking missles out at some space station and launching particle beams at innocent troop transports. Too bad the graphics were good, too... what a waste! By comparison, the other demo I checked out, Activision's Battlezone, was great. There was a few missions on how to blow things up and set up a command perimiter. And then you play 3 missions on the moon. My only complaint was the demo wasn't long enough! I highly reccommend the demo, the graphics and gameplay are similar to I'76 a little, but graphics are slightly better. Who knows, I may even buy this game. It has a plot! Deadman tells me the game file structure is similar to I'76, which means watch out for annoying hacks if there's ever a Battlezone hack app similar to hack76.

Saw a movie last night called Mercury Rising, pretty good overall, though the plot was a bit direct.

Monday, March 23, 1998

Midterms... ack!:
Well I was too busy to get everything done this week. I have a few interviews sitting here, and the feedback graphs are done, I'll put them up soon. While I am busy though, Aquila will be ranting and raving like a mad dog!

New space:
Well as you can see, the speedchat is messed up. No worries, I just received some CGI space from a friend of mine so when I have more time, I will set up a better chat..!

No News Like Old News...