-The Interceptor-

"High Octane Crusty-Funk"

Sunday, March 15, 1998

More Interviews on the way...:
The ever popular interviews are about to get a new 'set' of rough, half finished interviews, 2 or 3 in one file. Look for it by next weekend.

Last call:
Anyone wanting to send feedback into SSS do it now.. I'm about ready to tally the information and display the results.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Hoppo's Hacks=kewl!:
Well I fired up a game of Hop76 last night and man it rocked! Except for the propane bomb, which does the damage of about a billion clusterbombs, it was a blast. My favorites? Well, the jumping beans, armadiallo limpets and of course the rapid-fire armadillo missles. The smoke screen was cool too. Also of total wackiness was the interior view of the drivable slipstream trailer, I give this add-on pack by hoppo an A! Now if he could modify the weapons and new designs to fit in more smoothly (as in, more realistically compared to stock I'76 vehicles and weapons), it would be an A+... And a drivable ramp, gotta scoop people up with that... ;) If you want an add on pack to I'76, I strongly reccommend checking this thing out, if for nothing else but laughs, and really what else point is there in playing this game! Hoppo's Hax

Questions, questions!:
All done, they are neatly arranged in the strategy section, EXCEPT for questions regarding the Nitro pack single player missions! Considering I have not played them, I cannot help with that. For that, try E-mailing Bozzer, I think he has some tips!

Right on!:
New Speed Shop Studies are in the works... and a new member joins the team, EMP Zaphod, administrator of "The Brotherhood" website and known experimenter of I'76 phenomena. Also coming into the mix is my bro INT Bozzer, he will be revamping the test drive section, because my shoddy design, well, needed to be revamped! And all who have seen the AVA page know that Bozz has the "skillz" to skewl that bad HTML of mine.

Keep forgetting to let people know:
Check out the parts bin for the monthly calendars I design and stuff. This month it's a radical sports car, next month's, maybe I'76, who knows?

Sunday, March 8, 1998

Changes to the Shop!:
In the hope of making the site easier to navigate, and to proliferate I'76 knowledge, the "Spares" section is now better defined, and a new section, replacing the out of date "Warpath" area, is the SSSG, or Speed Shop Studies Group. In this section what is there, you ask? Well, for starters, there is the much hailed Weapons Study, a new Engines Study, and a great article on Lag Concerns and tactics by resident gunslinger Death Machine. More to come from the SSSG, but it may take some time, because the information there is slowly gathered and quantified.

Questions, questions!:
I've got a HUGE set of strategy questions in, and I promise to have them all set up on the shop by next weekend, but the SSSG was the focus this time. Once again, sorry about being so lax on the strategy stuff, next time they will be up!

This Place Sux!!!:
Well, I went and saw a movie the other night, "The Wedding Singer". Nothing to write home about, not very clever. Then later that night off I went accidentally to some lame yuppie place called "Ki's Juice Bar". Not only were the patrons and servers as fake as three dollar bills, a couple of "Jazz Musicians" entertained us as we were bagered over and over again by the management to buy some pastry's. Then it got late and the musicians stopped playing (thank the lord, these guys were playing improv Jazz by the BOOK.) And I asked the coffee guy if I could play the keys and they looked up at me like my abilities were playing "Mary had a Little Lamb" when I could have out played their players in my sleep. Actually, if I played the way these guys did, I would have fallen asleep. heh heh. So basically this placed isn't good unless you are over thirty, divorced, and own a sport utility vehicle or a BMW 325i, and going bald. Do not go there!

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

A Setback:
O.K.! I have included some new links, including the "How to Get Good Pings" page, one of which most of you will find of paramount importance, which Firehawk brought to my attention. Check it out, very useful.

Other Speed Shop Things:
Well I just installed Excel 97 on my system, which has the unique ability to make HTML and Gif graphs, and crash alot... Ahh one OTHER thing, INT Bozzer emailed me this program.. it's kewl, you have to hit Bill Gates with so many pies and you are timed, it's a good laugh after stressing out all day from working with MS products. :) DOWNLOAD
Look for some statistical analysis to come to SSS pretty soon. And I have received about 2 dozen feedback forms, so those too will be graphed and HTML'd.

Nitro Pack Bloopers!:
Madhatter just sent this to me, no he's not hacking, Nitro Pack is just bugging out, replacing his 7.62 turret with a man impaled by a cannon... Looks cool, so check it out!

Saturday, February 28, 1998

A Setback:
Still reeling from the hard drive failure, Speed Shop won't be seeing much graphic related updates for a week or so until I reinstall all my imaging software, but once that happens I have some very useful tech information that the SSS staff has been working on...

Loco Midis!:
The infamous Dr. Loco Of the Muffin Kings is making some I'76 midis for all I'76 players and webmasters to use, stay tuned to the Muffin Kings Top Secret Headquarters. Turn down your speakers before you go there, I warned you!

People are spazzing over the release, but anyways, Nitro has come out, and those unfortunate souls duped into Activisions diabolical plan to grab more market share quickly by selling Nitro pack with a "pre-order" option and then sending shipments to stores first (sales aren't nessecarily guaranteed in the stores and that's the priority) who "pre-ordered" it are stil waiting to "post-receive" it. Reports indicate Nitro has better framerates, but buggy. As for Gold, FORGET IT, at least for now. No add-on maps can work in Nitro OR Gold edition, until the map builder is out, so why would you want to upgrade to Gold? I would go for Nitro, but stay away from Gold, and keep your original I'76 version, until Gold is unbugged and a map editor is released for it. Final comment, in recent years, why is it that Activision is unable release without their product looking half-assed for the first 3 months of it's existence? I remember back when the original Mechwarrior came out, it never crashed and didn't need any patches either...

Wedensday, February 25, 1998

Well maybe some people noticed, I've been absent lately, and the reason is.. my Seagate 1.7 11MS Hard Drive failed. I lost 32K on my drive in bad clusters. This was at the beginning of the drive. This 32K was responsible for the directory structure of my drive. So Sunday I bought a new Hard Drive, a Maxtor 3.2 with 9MS access time. To make a long story short, windows was very uncooperative with the new install and kept complaining about my network card. That was rev B.2, so I upgraded to rev B.1 and things seem to work fine now. Anyways, My old 1.7 Seacrate still works, which is nice, (cool, more space for MP3's!) and I just returned my 3D video card and exchanged it for this new Maxtor drive. The Maxtor drive is better than the Seagate drive and only ran for 180.00 U.S.. I'm sure next week it will be even less, you know how hard drive prices go, but these drives are so unreliable, I remember my old HP hard drive lasted for nearly 10 years of constant use and abuse! You would access the drive and it would sound like gears trying to move in a sand box. That drive was so big and heavy you could bludgeon someone to death with it too... All that AND 40 megabytes (which I had eventually double spaced for a total of 70 Megabytes) of space! Man, the good old days!

More Three Dee:
Well I received some good comments on the 3D card stuff and it sums up to this: "Hey Sui, don't bash I'76 3D so bad it speeds up frame rate great!" Yes you are correct, sorry if I sounded so harsh fellas, I was hoping for astounding graphics gains, my frame rate was alright with me already. I tried a Diamond Stealth s220 and a Diamond Stealth Monster 3D but they both didn't much change framerate from my old Diamond 2000 S3 ViRGE. I know you may think I am a Diamond Multimedia fan.. but no longer! I e-mailed them- 5 times -for 1 techinical support issue, and they responded -three weeks later. Next time I'll go for Canopus or something else.

Thanks, also:
Some good E-mail has floated in, and some feedback forms.. pretty soon I will set up the speed feed page, where you can write in a letter like "I hate your page!" or, conversely, "I love you, SuiCyco!". You get the idea.. In fact you could merge them together like this: "I hate loving you, SuiCyco!" Also expect to see the averages fro the feedback forms there, it looks like the favorite is the interviews section... Guess that means they turned out well, and they do take alot of work to do!

Friday, February 20, 1998

I borrowed a Monster 3D card from an associate the other day, and all I have to say is...

Who gives a shit?

After hearing everyone with these fancy 3D Monster, Canopus, and whatever cards rave on and on, I guess I expected to get sucked into the monitor and to drive off into New Mexico at 80MPH, the tense whine of my inline 6 cylinder engine calming my senses as I downshifted into third gear, and hot air slid through a crack in the passenger side window cutting past my deep socketed eyes and scorching my lungs...

But no.

The ground became nice and fluffy looking and procceded to induce vertigo, whereas previously it only sat there with a speckled texture. I have since de-activated I'76 3D. Maybe it helps with that game.. what's it called.. Bake? Quake? Whatever, I don't play that kind of game, so it didn't help much. And these 3D cards cost over a hundred bucks, heck I could buy some nice floormats for my car or something with that money!

Bahhhhh!! Bahhhhhh!!:
It seems like some sites springing up are doing INTerViews nowadays... Not that I would ever put down people for setting up sites to help others out, right on, put them up! Keep them up, update them, but don't spend all that time following, you know? Do something different, something where people will say "Hey that is an original idea I would have never thought of that" instead of "Oh yah I have seen that before.." Like this "Toons" thing from the Disco Vigilante's website, now that had some original and funny stuff in there, Vigilante fighting off a chunk of Swiss Cheese on the VP map in paticular, was damn funny. And now a myriad of I'76 news sites, all freshened up for Nitro pack are presenting themselves, like so many fragile women yearning for the attention of a wealthy suitor... But as we have seen, the news site business tends to be more erratic than one might at first think... And for a while practically no news sites were in operation at all... (That is a bad thing.) I guess what I am trying to say is: "At least one of you news sites, stay!"

I have been busy as usual during the work-and-school boogey. But in between putting our software through it's final paces at work and calculating the mass of the planets and moons in our solar system I've read up on a really twisted thing going on all centered around a guy name Revolver/Super Funk/**Martin**, etc. To make a long story short, he disguised himself and caused a pretty big mess in a pretty tight gang, "Hell's Finest", and now he's gone, and some other players have thrown a fit and quit the gang. Now, "Revolving Martin" has decided to re-start an old group on his own that he was previously never a part of, but the ex-members of that group do not want him to mess with their old name and group, which is understandable, after all they created it. But at the end of the day, the computer turns off, and you have to go shave and take out the trash and mess with the car and get up and go to wherever you have to go. Remember, this is a hobby folks. :)

Saturday, February 16, 1998

A Low Blow...:
If you haven't heard, "Sgt. Stadinko", of TBP, decided to get back at his former ally group, the RCMP, and abused his site administrator powers to screw up the RCMP-backed Vigilante Times website. He has since apologized but I think that might have had something to do with the fact he got hit by more flames than a 5 turreted bus in a Great Jihad game for his actions... Moral of the story? Don't hit THAT low below the belt or you get what's coming to you. And be leery of an offer for "free webspace" from Realitygames.com, (Vigilante Times website was on free space at Realitygames.com).

Well, I made a few minor changes to the interface for JavaScripted Speed Shop, animating some slick I'76 game images and a wireframe car image (thanks for the wireframe you-know-who-you-are!) and split some of the images up between two different servers in the hopes they may load slightly faster. Contrary to the suprise news article on Badlands which sort of blew things out of proportion... Though there will be changes to Speed Shop to increase it's performance and athsetic merit, it will be a gradual process of improvement. If you are receiving Java failures in the Javascript version, it is because you are using a version of Netscape that is a few years old, or not using the current I.E. 4.0. I've come to the conclusion that Netscape Navigator is best. It offer's the fastest performance and doesn't try to turn my desktop into Internet Explorer. And I can go to the Netscape site without accepting cookies, Microsoft makes you accept cookies if you need to update drivers. Anyways.. :)

Saturday, February 14, 1998

Here is a few miscellaneous rants... It seems like whenever I check out one of the numerous I'76 news sites I see something like "Well, there was no news today, and I'76 will be pretty dead until Nitro Pack..." Wow, news, isn't it? If there isn't anything to say, don't say anything...! But that's the thing I guess that is sort of strange, just because you don't KNOW of anything going on doesn't nessecarily mean that there is nothing going on... And another thing.. everyone keeps going on and on how Nitro will be unhackable.. wake up! The FBI can't even make their computer system hack-proof, you think a VIDEO GAME will do one better? There is a CHANCE that hacking may be permanently contained in hacking games, but hacking this game will be alive and well when Nitro comes, and that's a fact, Jack.

And the first hacks cometh...:
Smidge's page now has the first Nitro hack, courtesy of Hoppo. They also have made some.. cow horn missles or something? But can they make a driveable ramp? That's what enquiring minds want to know!

Well, I have received but a lackluster response for criticism and praise of Speed Shop with the Speed Feedback Form! I am eagarly awaiting your complaints or compliments, the important thing is for me to get a better idea of people's opinion of the site and what it needs. I have already made a few recommended changes, and more are in the works due to their feedback responses. Remember, the worst feedback you can send, is none at all! Yes, I want to express my feelings!

Wedensday, February 11, 1998

NT 5.0 :) :
A well-known longtime I'76 player is currently developing "NitroTracker 5.0." It is planned to have "a microscopic footprint in comparison to the current HackerTracker, and will report much more detail about each car in your game. It may be able to clear the NVCL (other players car config files in multiplayer games stored on your HD), directory, and may be able to 'save' car configs for you."

What Comes Up, Must Come Down...:
Here is an useful piece of information about a very popular drug called extascy...
DUBLIN (AFP) - An Irish scientist who carried out a five-year study of ecstasy has warned people Monday not to take the so-called love drug on St Valentine's Day or at any other time as it causes a range of serious health problems.
Professor Brian Leonard, research scientist at University College, Galway, said the drug is "quite insidious in its actions" and hits the immune system and destroys part of the brain.
"Basically what seems to happen is that after one or two exposures to ecstasy, the drug gets into the brain and destroys the parts of the nervous system which make a transmitter substance called serotonin which controls mood.
"What ecstasy is doing in destroying these nerve endings can lead to depression."
Leonard told RTE that a second unexpected result from their study was that the drug, after even a single tablet, started to close down the immune system and left people open to infections.
"The love drug is something which should not be taken on Valentine's Day or at any other time," Leonard said. "It is not the sort of drug that should be abused. It is insidious in its long term effects and that's the message I want to get across to young people."

Remember kids, this Valentine's day, use you brain, don't lose it. Don't use this crap, I've watched one of the most brilliant people I ever met throw their life away, their values way, and their friends away, and get sick constantly, all for what? The end result is nothing.

Sunday, February 8, 1998

If you take a look at the SSS Links section, you will notice that before we get to the sites, there is an icon above it all, an icon for The Brotherhood. Please check out this site! If it wasn't for rules like these that we all try to follow, this game wouldn't be worth playing with others! I've signed the guestbook, pleged my support, put the icon on this page and spread the word... how about you? :)

Software so bad it's... bad.:
Hackkilla BFC just warned me to stay away from the Earth Seige 3 Demo, it appears to have just nuked his windoze registry file. At least the ES3 music rocks (on the Sierra site in MP3 format). While we are on the subject of crapware, we were testing this imaging software at work last week, MGI Photosuite. Stay away, it sucks! How a business can stay open peddling that degree of shoddy workmanship is remarkable.

Well, Nitro pack is near, and a dozen new I'76 support sites have sprung up of late. During the lean time, many of the sites just sat there, idling, stagnant. But don't forget the sites that stuck through all that and kept it going. Sites like the AVA, the Disco Vigilante's, Hoppo's Hacks, and Speed Shop (that's us!).

Feed Me!:
Thanks to some great comments we have received, the Speed Shop is being updated and upgraded. But it is not enough! If you have ANY comments, please send to Speed Feedback Form! In a few weeks, I will compile the results and post them in some sort of spreadsheet format for everyone to check out, along with some of the curious comments you have sent in. By request, I have given up some of my precious I'76 server knowledge (grin), and labeled all I know for all to see and check on the intro page to SSS. One server however, eludes me, and that is the Germany I'76 server, I can't seem to find the info on it anywhere, let me know if you have this info... Thanks!

Novella in the Works...:
When time permits, I will be working on a small I'76 based story, with an actual plot and developed storyline and everything like that, and I can put some of the things I learned in those high school drama and video classes to use. Look forward to the first installment being here in a few weeks.

Wedensday, February 4, 1998

Feed Me!:
Have some opinion's on what to do with the Speed Shop? I am looking forward to your comment's, so don't hesitate to use the Speed Feedback Form! In a few weeks, I will compile the results and post them in some sort of spreadsheet format.

Counter inserted, again...:
There's a Webtracker counter on the intro page now.

Rise of the Auto Vigilane...:
The AVA webpage, revitalized and resanatized... http://www.auto-vigilante.com

Sunday, February 1, 1998

War of the Websites...:
Engaged in a twisted Menage a Trois, Vigilante's Paradise and The Badlands face off against Vigilante Times in a war of Newspages that Clark Kent himself would fear! The VT crew allegedly "borrowed" some HTML code from Vigilante's Paradise, without asking... If that is so the case, it's not illegal, but hey that's not cool either. Further destablizing their position, VT released suprising news, of a new I'76 server had been found (Actually it was the IP address of Mercnet). Ah well, if you really want the truth, there is only one place you have to go!

The hacking starts to heat up...:
Looks like Smidge has awakened from his long hibernation and along with Hoppo is developing strange new.. uh.. weapons of mass destruction? Smidge's page now contains over 100 hack mods, making it a definite must see site.

New Reitrement Park for I'76 Players!:
the GOM, one of the first and funkiest AVA gangs, has moved to a new site and is ready to rock and roll!

Cool Flick:
Like Suspense in your movies? Political intrigue? Check out "Murder at 1600", action packed!

Friday, January 24, 1998

IMPORTANT, please read!:
A friend of mine's son was kidnapped a while back, if you recognize this boy, please alert your local law enforcement agency to the situation!

Mail from those Activision-type people...:
"Activision to the the Speed Shop, over. . .
The I'76 team and Activision wanted to send you some never-before-seen screenshots and info about the new Interstate '76 Arsenal, due to hit stores everywhere in February. Please feel free to post these new shots on your website and distribute them to any of the other I'76 fansites.
The Arsenal includes a new Gold Edition of Interstate '76 that boasts 16-bit 3D hardware acceleration with enhanced graphics, an optimized engine for screaming framerates, difficulty levels and hack prevention! And the Nitro Pack features all that PLUS 20 new single-player missions, new multiplayer maps and options including Capture The Flag and Racing, and new cars and weapons!
Check out our new Interstate '76 website for all the details!"


Well isn't that nifty?

Friday, January 16, 1998

Chat THIS:
Speed Shop sets up a chat board, the "Speed Chat", set for easy access, on the SSS startup.

PlayKill Magazine... Revisited: Some of the best articles from Playkill, How 2 Play I'76, and the valuable Weapon Research are now in the SSS Spares Section, check them out, great info, and great humor.

Sunday, January 11, 1998

Die Die, My Geocities: Yes, something new to Speed Shop, no more abominable Geo ad bombardments! You will notice no one is trying to sell you stupid things such as Ford Escort's, Microsoft Internet Exploder, or "free" e-mail through the use of subtle sexual references any longer. Enjoy the lack, I know I do.

A Kind and Just Ruler...:
Am I a nice guy or what?;) I heard the word some people out there still have unframeable browsers? You too may now view SSS! Just select 'Support for the Frameless" upon Speed Shop entry...

And Still to Come...:
Damn thing.. I can't configure the feedback script. Well, I can, but the mail still isn't coming back to me. It'll work, it'll work...

Friday, January 9, 1998

And a Happy New Year!:
As we begin our rotation around our closest star, things begin to pick up thanks to the awesome SSS staff! Check out the new interview by staff writer Funkmaster!

AVA Ladder Given a PERL Injection!!!:
Utilizing perl scripts, EMP Hyper, new AVA ladder admin, and Dr. Disco, perl codehead, have devised an amzaing, fully automated ladder! Send them lot's of e-mail praising them.. it was tons of work for them both!

And Still to Come...:
I'll be setting up a 'Letters to the Shop' thing sometime soon. So people can make suggestions, tell us what they like, tell me to drop dead, etc...

Friday, December 26, 1997

Cleaning House...:
In preperation for the new year, the Spares section has been cleaned up, and links removed or updated.

Where is the Art Bandit?:
Bandit, resident art conisseur and Speed Shop Art Archievist, has taken a vacation until next year (Next week). So, for those of you wondering where the masterpeices you sent him for postage have gone off to and if they are going to go up, they will be up soon.

AVA Ladder in Sad State of Disrepair:
It's been almost two weeks of a dysfunctional ladder that's broken. Boo!

And On a Lighter Note...:
I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Speed Shop, directly or indirectly, whether by mailing in suggestions, fixes, or questions, or by spreading the word on this site to others, thanks for your help, you have helped it rock. Happy Holidays..! =)

One Other Thing!: How could I forget? Cool heavy metal band I am doing web design for... Massacre Zer0!

Saturday, December 20, 1997

Judgement Day Cometh:
Yes, some people have been working for the Speed Shop, or have done work for it, but nothing lately. Your work is appreciated and we need more of it! The employee list is to be updated in a short while and I don't want to remove people for inactivity. You know who you are! If you keep it up Santa is going to give you a Vikea Wagon for Christmas!!!

Mental Note...:
Movie "Anaconda" SUCKED. The Ice Cube Movie to see is still "Higher Learning". Movie "007: Tomorrow Never Dies" SUCKED. Long on flashy explosions and action, short on plot and purpose. Like Anaconda, except with slighly better storyline. Spcial effects can't replace an intricate plot and character development. Well, in some cases they can. "Operation Condor" starred and directed by Jackie Chan, was fun to watch. A fun movie if you like to see the lighter side of martial arts mastery. Also, nice location shooting and set design.

Monday, December 15, 1997

Check out the Spares Section!: New things.. the I76 Drinking Game, and the Speed Shop Art Gallery, hosted by Bandit!

Saturday, December 10, 1997

Bob Bitchin Retires: AVA Founder Bob retires, leaving SuiCyco and The Jaff, to take over where he left off.

The Speed Shop gains a message board...: Yups. Check it out here.

Saturday, December 6, 1997

Gangs sprouting up all over the place...: If you want to join an I'76 gang, (or I'76 team, if you're an Uber 313373 d00d like me), then now's your chance. With the Nitro Pack upgrade coming soon, alot of players have newfound intrest in the game.

Gangs folding all over the place...: Due to lack of intrest lots of gangs have folded in lately. Yin and yang.

Nitro Pack brings with it, dual rear mounts?...: This information from Bozzer of Team Intercept.

Check out this shot...the green car is a rear shot of the Enforcer. Take a look at the rear of the car...a close look. There is a rear mounted 20mm cannon...AND, right below the bumper...there is a red and white square. Perhaps a rear missile mount? Hmmm. INTeresting....

Thursday, December 4, 1997

Sui being lazy with Speed Shop?: Well, sorry about the non updatedness... I've been getting hammered by the common cold, and the common term paper from school. The semester is almost over... A free month shall be granted.. 2 more years.. 2 more years and I'm free.. Unless I go back for my Masters... Oh GOD, it never ends!

Bob Bitchin Stepping Down...: After months of great ideas and gameplay related stuff, Bob Bitchin, founder of the AVA decides it's time to hang up his "Vivoid" and go fly Russain fighter planes. Who will succeed him as keeper of the AVA way? This remains to be seen.

Thibor, AVA Chapter Page Admin, decides there's nothing important going on in I'76...: Hey you! I know you SAY you don't read any I'76 site stuff anymore, but your not fooling anyone! Go update the chapter webpage, instead of copping out and saying 'Until news happens again...'!!! If I can maintain the Speed Shop, you can maintain the Chapters page. Just because you have a Geo Metro doesn't make you more special than anybody else! =)

Did You Know...: You can access the Speed Shop with this nifty speedlink? Check it out... http://www.intercept.org/speedshop.

Jesus Christ...: Check out these crazy revelations presented by some junkyard missionaries... Hallejuah!

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Here's mud in your eye...: Well, looks like Activision is giving away a classic muscle car.. an old Dodge Charger.. pretty fly... But here's my question.. why did it get raffled off? Why couldn't we fight for it like the Quakers fought for John Carmack's Ferrari? Well, I am going to send them some mail about that, and I encourage others to do so as well... Click here to go to "Eye on Activision". Check it out.. witness via RealPlayer streaming video as guy wins an awesome muscle car and he goes, "yeah, it is neat". Uh huh... neat. jeez! Why can't Activision be run by good ol' John too? But before you go.. watch out.. there are 26 cookies waiting for your rejection. Enjoy. (Two thumbs down)

Do You Have the Ability to Enter the Facility?: I had hosted a game the other day, IRD Facility, the first map that I had ever released, and wouldn't you know, no one had ever heard of it! It's a large download but in my opinion worth it, with it's own zipped HTML file that contains a topographical view of the map and a fun scenario for 5, among other things. It is in fact one of my favorite maps, and probably the best map I have ever released. Yes, send me IRD Facility for the new low price of 769 kilobytes!

Lose a Few Pounds...: Buddy Ax-L is working on a dueling system based on vehicle weight, rather than hardpoints, armor, or prices. Looks to be interesting! Take me to the I'76 Vehicle Weight Classification System.

And Finally...: We keep hearing talk about a Capture the Flag ability coming out in the as of yet unreleased I'76 II, but seems like INT Bozzer just couldn't wait that long! After countless revisions, (and maybe more to come) he has created a flat out awesome CTF map and ruleset! Click here for the phat CTF map and rules.

Damn one last thing...: I finally got one of those fly cable modems going on.. So now when I'76 starts laggin, I can blame it on everyone ELSE! Also, this means my old e-mail adresses are now defunct.. send all mail to speedshop@geocities.com only!

Monday, November 24, 1997

Mercnet Server Down.. For GOOD?: As I am sure most have noticed, the mercnet gaming server hasn't been responding these last few days, if anyone has any leads, drop us a line at Speed Shop!

WANTED: Drivable Ramp!: A friend of mine asked me to mention this, and I think it's a sweet idea... A drivable Steel Ramp or Thrill Show ramp! A weapon placement, a dropper or two would be nice, but, the real reason he is asking for it is so people can jump off of him! Imagine that, you can have one of your friends play ramp while you try and find the perfect leaping spot! (He also mentioned he would like the ability to drive in reverse and "scoop" people up..) It would make a good map building tool, to determine where to put your ramps ahead of time instead of loading/editing, loading/editing... Well, if anyone has any leads, contact us.

And Finally...: I was looking for a phat 70's type logo for the Speed Shop, and lo and behold comes the Wingnut out of the blue with this sly grpahic! Thanks man!

Saturday, November 22, 1997

AVA Circuit Monitor Flakes...: A half dozen auto vigilante's sat around today in the Gladitorus arena, waiting for a ref who was tardy infinity...

Get a hed: One thing I had forgotten to mention, I saw this band "hed" play at a local club... In concert they were so so.. too much distortion, but, they put on a good (visual) show.. especially the turn table guy, who used a buzzsaw on his equipment... heh. At any rate, I picked up their full length CD this week, and it's a whole lot better, the mix sounds great. The album is released on Jive records, which is sort of unusual, considering it's definitely not rap music, and Jive is a predominately rap music label... If you took Korn, Sepultura, Rage against the Machine, and maybe a sprinkle of Suicidal Tendencies, Bob Marely (on crack), Deftones, Sublime, and of course, their own personality... That would be a close approximation of hed. In an age where thrash totally sucks and is full of sissy bands, hed is refreshingly violent and energetic... hed

You just can't skate anywhere nowdays: Well, the guards at work "caught" me skating near the Imaging Building and say it's a big No No... But hey, it's alright to jog, play basketball, and volleyball, and bike, and ruin your health (and others) smoking outside.. but no skateboards... uhh, makes sense I guess.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Hi There!: Hey, remember me? Sorry I've been so busy lately, what with school drawing to a close, other computer time devoted to designing an album cover for Massacre 0, and work getting downright brutal, and mercnet being broken half the time I try to log on... We've got two half done interviews here, one due to time constraints, the other due to me losing half the interview log.. (OPPS!) I'm considering putting up a an ongoing series of texts bashing all the ridiculous behavior I have seen on I'76net server the last few days, traveling incognito. Also in the works.. a USEFUL help file for the strange little bugs many people encounter, but few know how to interpet and debug. These items will most likely end up in the spares section.. I'll let you know when. And a car review is coming up.. but the next few weeks are going to be pretty thin.

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Respect..: Show appreciation for military personell today..

Saturday, November 8, 1997

In I'76 News...: SuiCyco leaves the AVA Combat Ladder at #1.

AVA Circuit Starts TODAY!: Get your butt over there, boy!

More Bill Gates Bashing!: Do it cause it feels good!

And Finally...: The Allgames I'76 newspage is back up, and the URL is: i76.allgames.com.

Friday, November 7, 1997

Drug Dealer Gets Busted: Drug Dealer, a well known I'76 hacker, has, for a very long time, maintained that he is in fact, an Activision graphics and programming expert that has done exstensive work on I'76. Finally, some concrete evidence has appeared. The I'76 team lead, Chip James, and two other Activision employees, have responded to his claims in a very clear manner. Their response? Here it is in Scott Kragers own words:

"Not much more to say now that Chip, Zack and Alex have responded, but I figure it's worth backing them up. Drug Dealer had nothing to do with the Nitro Pack or any other I'76 products. Alex deserves the credit for the new cars in the Nitro Pack. Dealer, step up and be a man -- admit to everyone you lied!
Scott Krager Director, Nitro Pack Producer, I'76 Activision"

Drug Dealer does not work for Activision, and indeed, did NOT design the 'Leopard' car for the Nitro pack as he claimed. Check out the rest of the live action drama on the I'76 CMB board. Why the web of deceit, DD? Two thumbs down!

New information on Microsoft:

Microsoft Addresses Justice Department Accusations **************************************************************
REDMOND, Wash.-Oct. 21, 1997 -- In direct response to accusations made by the Department of Justice, Microsoft Corporation announced today it will be acquiring the Federal Government of the United States of America for an undisclosed sum. "It's actually a logical extension of our growth," said Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates. "It's a positive arrangement for everyone."
Microsoft representatives held a briefing at the Oval Office with US President Bill Clinton, and assured members of the press that changes to US Government policy will be "minimal." The United States will be managed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. An initial public offering is planned for July 4 of next year, and the Federal Government is expected to be profitable by 1999, according to Microsoft president Steve Ballmer.
In a related announcement, President Bill Clinton stated that he had "willingly and enthusiastically" accepted a position as vice president of USA Operations with Microsoft, and will continue to manage the United States government, reporting directly to Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates. When asked how it felt to give up the mantle of executive authority, Clinton smiled and referred to it as "a relief." He went on to say that Gates has a "proven track record," and that US citizens should offer Gates their "full support and confidence."
In his new role at Microsoft, Clinton will reportedly be earning several times the $200,000 annually he currently earns as US president. Gates dismissed a rumor that the US Capitol be moved to Redmond as "silly," though he did say he would make executive decisions for the US government from his existing office at Microsoft headquarters.
Gates did say, however, that the US House and Senate would "of course" be abolished. "Microsoft isn't a democracy," Gates said, "yet look how well we're doing." When asked if the rumored attendant acquisition of Canada was proceeding, Gates would only say that Microsoft doesn't comment on unannounced products.
Microsoft representatives closed the conference by stating that United States citizens will be able to expect lower taxes, increases in government services, discounts on all Microsoft products, and the immediate arrest of all executive officials of Sun Microsystems Inc. and Netscape Corp.
About Microsoft:
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers, and democratic government. The company offers a wide range of products and services for public, business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing and mostly free society every day.
About the United States:
Founded in 1776, the United States of America is the most successful nation in the history of the world, and has been a beacon of democracy and opportunity for over 200 years. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the United States is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. "The United States of America" and "Microsoft" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Site gets some new stuff: A new section has appeared, "spares". Check it out, in there you can find out stuff about me, and soon hopefully, some of the other Speed Shop editors.

Billy caught being naughty again!: That lovable guy, Bill Gates, is certainly going to be busy in court over the next few months. The newest plantiff in the halls of justice? Sun Microsystems. Why? Well, in a nutshell, Microsoft doesn't like the idea of a cross platform programming language, namely Java, because it would give older computers a new lease on life, and therefore, keep Microsoft from selling it's network solutions, so, in a very uncool move, Microsoft decided to cripple Java in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. What makes it even MORE uncool is that Microsoft has always said that Java doesn't work. And now they are trying to make that dream (Java not being cross-platform possible) a reality. Fortuanately, Sun Microsystems wasn't born yesterday, and caught on to the latest Microsoft scheme rather quickly. Check out the Sun press release.

Friday, Halloween, 1997

Nitro Pack Update: PC Gamer has the scoop on some new cars and terrain for Nitro pack.. if this is any indication of what we have to look forward to, don't even THINK of hanging up your driving gloves!

Sunday, October 26, 1997

Jedi Knight vs. I'76: Oh come on. The Force is NOTHING compared to the Funk! I've been doing a little multiplayer with Jedi Knight this weekend and I've come to the conclusion I'76 is more my style. The game is great for single player, and a Capture the Flag option in Multiplayer is alot of fun. But the ultra dark settings and all the tough guy Boba Fet types on the internet are a REAL drag. The chat ability in the game is crisp and to the point, I guess I'm just set in my old, funky ways, of I'76...

Halfway to 40: Well, it was my birthday a few days ago, so I haven't been updating, in part because some friends of mine bought me a copy of that Jedi Knight game as tribute to my continued success in aging.

Other news: What is HC1? Good question, and here is what it seems to be: Well, since the advent of driveable trees, roads, trashcans, etc. The I'76 hackers have run into a certain problem... Other hackers can't see their designs! Too bad not all I'76 hacks are like this, then, only people that wanted to play with hacks, would. At any rate, in an attempt to lay down some common hacking ground, HC1 will contain all the files nessecary to view and play with/against all these new hacks. Want to fight a hacker in his trusty garbage can? Then you want HC1.

Thursday, October 23, 1997

I Can See!: Well, I have a new monitor. Consequently I can see again.

The I'76 Brotherhood: Some overall rules of play that should be observed by all I'76 enthusiasts, I suggest you check it out...

Nopi sucks!: A real life issue, unrelated to I'76... I ordered this set of 4 cross drilled rotors for one of my Z cars, and a set of pads to go with.. total was something like 220. In the catalog it said "Front part num 0135 + 0136/$85.00", "Rear part num 0176+0177/$85.00". Now, thats for the new rotors (disc brakes), but when I see "Front part num 0135 + 0136/$85.00" I assume the front PAIR, not single.. After all, who the hell would buy ONE disc brake? That would be like buying one tire... So then I get charged, you guessed it.. 85 PER disc.. so what is that? 320 bucks or something (with the pads)... Whatever.. I've got to call them now, and I hope they have made a mistake, because otherwise it's a total rip off and I'll just send all the stuff back. So remember, stay away from Nopi! Sneaky business practices does not a good mail order company make!

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Billy, yer gonna burn...: In a suprise move the other day, propably to take heat off Bill Clinton and friends, Janet Reno is now chasing Bill Gates and charging his company, Microsoft, with a million dollar-a-day penalty for breaking previoulsy defined limits in an anti-trust agreement. Has Microsoft gone too far? Here is one opinion on their business practices . And this one is for Thibor. (Just kidding Thibbe!)

Monday, October 20, 1997

Bad, bad luck: My monitor, a Zeos, broke the other day, basically, it was overheating after an hour of use. Being the electronically inclined guy that I am, I attempted to fix the problem myself. Now, one of the color guns is out also...

Other news:Car requests being taken, have some cars you'd like to see in the future in I'76 updates? Post your requests here.

Scientists create headless animals!:Neat, check it out!

Saturday, October 18, 1997

Sui Ailing: It's early Saturday morning. My jaw is bruised, muscles knotted, I can't hear, and there is blood from about 20 different people on my clothes. What happened, you ask? Why, I went and saw Suicidal Tendencies perform live at a quaint local saloon. They are a blast! Did alot of the old school punk tunes, left out alot of the metal.. Oh well, but the best part was the disco tune.. heh heh! And talk about the pit from hell... =)

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Site Ideas: Being the globally minded news reporter that I am, I have decided to start setting links to REAL WORLD news events that any SSS visitor should take a glance at.

Hippies thwarted, Cassini takes off for Saturn: Anti-technologist freaks are denied in a last ditch effort to halt a 3.4 billion dollar space probe project that has been in the making for about 12 years. To find out more about this bold scientific attempt to find more out about the solar sytem in which we live, go here.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Site Recieves Warning Sign: Java made some browsers crash, old ones, Netscape and IE 2.0, so i put up a warning page you have to go through to get in, the way around it is to edit your bookmark so it says "./images/news_icons/" or else you will get the warning...

Sunday, October 12, 1997

JavaScript! Well, SuiCyco said he would figure something out with this Java thing by the end of the weekend, and though any experienced Java guy will quickly make snide remarks as to the complexity of this task, the NavBar buttons are now Java'd.

Other news: We have pretty much settled on the layout of the Test Drive and Long Term Auto Review Section on the Speed Shop. Expect it to be updated when FunkMaster and Myself have time to borrow other's car's for a spin.

And Finally: We just recieved this maili today from a web surfer.
O.K. SC,

I got Beatnik, The difference in MIDI sounds on my system is only incredible...

And it gets better than that! Beatnik also reads RMF file format sound, which is MUCH better than the MIDI format. All MIDI files selected for the Speed Shop are chosen with Beatnik in mind, so why don't you check it out here. And no, it doesn't work with that lame Microsoft Internet Exploder, but then again, what does?

Saturday, October 11, 1997

News things happening at the Speed Shop New navigation buttons, new section, 'Test Drives', and a new Speed Shop staffer, Funkmaster [DV], who will be giving a hand with interviews, Test Drvies, and whatever else we can get him to do around here! =)

Other news: I'76 Version 1.1 in the process of going Beta! Here is an exerpt from the AVA homepage...
"Hey Bob: We are looking for a few good vigilantes to test out our radically new upgrade of Interstate 76, aptly named version 1.1 The improvements are: 1) D3D and 3Dfx glide support 2) Anti-Hack code 3) Improved software performance 4) Difficulty levels (Wimp, Champ, Badass) This would be a limited beta test and we thought that the AVA would be a great place to try it out, especially since you guys are such hard-core multi-player enthusiasts. We would like to send the CDs out tomorrow for a Saturday arrival and a weekend of testing. Could you give a call-out to your guys to see if any of them are interested in testing out this new and improved code-base? Please return people's names, addresses and emails to the following email address - [deleted]. Thanks in advance for your help with this cool new version of Interstate 76. Frank "Groove" Evers Director of Funky Action/Sims Activision"

Friday, October 10, 1997

I'76 player killed in Hit and Run... Sugar Daddy was killed over the weekend in Europe in a tragic freak accident. Many of his friends were sent this following message regarding his death...

This is Andr's (sugar daddy) mother. I have a very sad news here. But Andr was killed in a hit and run 2 days ago, and I am very sad to bring this news to you. Andr wish last wishes was that I had to message this news to all his i76friends on ICQ etc. And he also said that do not send this news on a chain letter, because Andr always hated chainletters. So respect his wishes and make him happy.
Good Bye / Anna Vreltling

Other news: I don't think any other news is nessecary today do you? Just remember that your playing REAL people next time you go on I'76net, and treat them with the respect another human being deserves...

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

Speed Shop Withstands the Wrath of Satan... Yes, today is a fine day, and I will tell you why. The Speed Shop hits counter passes the lucky number 666, favorite numerical choice of the Beast himself! And contrary to the fanatical cries of doomsday-sayers and prophets, memphistopheles did NOT incur his wrath upon the Speed Shop, citing the Demon-like pace of feverish work the site admin had been putting into it, as a reason not to burn it all to hell...

Team Intercept stuck in "New Honor Guard" mire. After being privately asked on many occassions to join and/or form a "New Honor Guard" by Vic Ferrari, and kindly rejecting these requests, Team Intercept is publicly mentioned as a possible ally in the "Anti-Hacking Crusade" in a message post from Vic Ferrari. Let's get this straight: Team Intercept cares about hacking/anti-hacking about as much as that princess that died... what was her name again?? Two thumbs down!

Other news: Inanimate object hacks come to frutition. Yes, that's right, you too can drive a pine tree, telephone booth, trash can, or any number of terrain objects once thought undrivable. You propably don't feel like taking the old Conifer out for a spin, but in case you do, or want to see what the hell these guys are doing instead of actually PLAYING the game, here is the link.
Why am I even announcing this? Because if you don't have these files unzipped in your addons directory, YOU CANNOT SEE THESE PLAYERS. Fortunately, due to the nature of the hack, you can't get hurt by their weapons either. The bad part about this is, of course, that they could concievably sit around in your game and you wouldn't know about it. And personally, I like knowing who is in my games. So far as I can tell Unzipping these hacks in your addons directory isn't much different than unzipping a map. Let it sit there, and if someone is using them, you can see it. Then again, you could simply ignore the whole thing.

And Finally... Well, I said it's more a magazine than a newspaper, so there it is, a new header for 'The Interceptor!'.

Monday, October 6, 1997

New venue for the Speed Shop. We now have a section devoted to the Team Intecept Divisional Circuit Team '97, entitled The WarPath. It will contain Maps, INT circuit records, and side bets on Team intercept players when the circuit gears up... At first this was going to the intercept.org site, but after some debate, we decided to leave it here, due to the steady amount of traffic this site has begun to recieve. This makes it easier for the competition in the circuit to "check up" on us.

Other news: Funk [FM] of the FunkMen has started the First Bank of Texas. I'm not sure how it will relate with the AVA circuit, or if it will at all, and if it's an orginization, or a club, or new rules..? We shall see what sort of regulatory arrangements he decides upon for the bank, and see what it ends up doing. Thumbs up for new ideas! But what is it???

And Finally... Please don't ask the Speed Shop to put news up here, there are plenty of other I'76 sites that are fully devoted to advertising new tourneys, etc.. Look at this site as more of a magazine, then a newspaper. Newspapers are devoted to day to day happenings, wheras a magazine is more probing, more focused, has a slower rate of output, does interviews, has letters to the editor, that sort of thing... Not to say your news isn't important! It is, but I just don't have the time to do that sort of news coverage.

Sunday, October 5, 1997

Gladitorus Revealed! The Circuit combat rules for Gladitorus an official AVA arena by SuiCyco, have been released and are now linked to SSS. You may view them here.

Anonymous nonsense uncovered! Read this interview first to get your bearings on the situation INCORRECTLY described below.

I just recieved this from 'crack interviewer'

This just in... this log file was recieved by an anonymous source on the INTernet in broken form... it might be a bit scratchy... but we, as journalists, feel it is imperative that the truth be known!
SuiCyco: Gliebster is, by far and away, the most dedicated newsman in the I'76 world. Aside from being the Clark Kent... he... blows people... foolishly....
Gliebster: It all started in mid june. ...I worked on improving it I it got bigger and bigger as time went on.
SuiCyco: I'll have to remember... to get caught in that....
Gliebster: Strange as it sounds, it was fun. That was when I completely... advertised it. ...Hail to the king baby!
SuiCyco: That sounds cool.
Gliebster: Well, Im not planning on finding someone else... but you never know.
SuiCyco: ahh damn U!
Gliebster: Grrrrrrr!
SuiCyco: I like that... mother....
Gliebster: ...nature calls!
Gliebster: Dad... and brother is takin shower!.....Im too lazy to go upstairs....what now, Sui? Your an experienced man!... Help me, Im gonna blow!
SuiCyco: ...defecate on it
Gliebster: Of course!
SuiCyco: So then whats your... position?
Gliebster: Well, I have 2 ways. #1... rear... You know how... that works. Ask Boz, same style basicly. #2... in da head!....My current favorite :)
Gliebster: ... my bro is done in the shower (finally!) and I gotta relieve.... Ooooooh yeah!....felt good man!
SuiCyco: ahem
SuiCyco: You know, you can go blind doing that sort of thing.
Gliebster: really?
SSSuiCyco: Just kidding.
SSSuiCyco: So have you always been so strong... or did something set you off?
Gliebster: I set myself off.... I was a newbie... which sucked.... So after my 3 day experience... I decided to never touch it again....
SuiCyco: Most people can't handle... it....
SuiCyco: Well actually, sure it's possible.. if your not careful, the tile being wet and all...
SuiCyco: Hundreds of people die that way each year.. it's a nasty way to go..
Gliebster: Youch!.....Hey Sui, wanna go play in the bathtub with me after this interview?
SSSuiCyco: That's O.K.... any parting words?
Gliebster: Keep on playing... and you'll have a lot more fun!
SuiCyco: Well, you can't disguise enjoying [it] to it's fullest, and I don't think you should be ashamed of that.
We hope that this is all some sort of misunderstanding... but you all know Sui pretty well... hopefully not as well as Gliebster!

Damn right it's a misunderstanding you anonymous son of a bitch! To find out the REAL deal, click here.

Saturday, October 4, 1997

Well, well well. One of Team Intercept's own has stepped up to the challenge of making the circuit fly! Saving it from the clutches of everyday thrashing and doom, RC Cola comes in to make sure things work smoothly.

Other news: A new interview. This one with an actual Activision employee. Check it out! Then, check this out too. It's the new interview information page.

And finall... A change of e-mail addresses for the Speed Shop. The new feedback and reply address is "speedshop@geocities.com".

Friday, October 3, 1997

AVA Divisional circuit has changed! And in my opinion, changed for the worse. It's tough admitting that there just isn't enough time to orgnize it PERFECTLY, still, I can't shake the feeling the Bob Bitchin (creator of the AVA system) is steering the circuit into something a bit lame like a wedensday night fight. If the paperwork is too much, fine, tone it down some, but if there is basically no structure to it, the whole circuit idea kind of looses it's point. Money for fights, accumulation of wealth, and side betting would have been a blast. Let's see if things get better as the idea progresses, because as things stand now, many drivers (including this one) are not very interested in the current implementation...

While you are here, go check out the Service Statement, it's been thoroughly updated so people know exactly what they are getting into when they come through the shop, in case they don't know already...

Thursday, October 2, 1997

Interview request rejected! I've been catching some flack for being 'pro-AVA', so to even things out with the ones feeling unrepresented, or even MISrepresented, I requested an interview with one of the DMV Administrator's, to get their view on things. After discussing the matter with other DMV admin's, I was told that no, there would be no interview at this time. But here is the kicker: How am I supposed to represent the people that are dissatisfied when they won't even have an interview to get their look on things into the open? Well, plenty other interviewees on the list.

In other news: Circuit Team '97, the Team Intercpt bid to the AVA Divisional Circuit has been ironed out and is now in training for the battles to follow.

Wedensday, October 1, 1997

Study methods revealed in 'top 10 players' list. Randomly selected players were questioned as to their 'top 10 list' of I'76 players, the results were then totaled to bring the scores below. Once again, this is NOT data being gathered by the speed shop, it is from an OUTSIDE SOURCE.

Monday, September 29, 1997

An Independent study, (unassosciated with the Speed Shop), released this week on the most skilled players of I'76 yielded the following results:
"Ok. Did we say Sunday? We meant Monday morning. From the data gathered (in serious situations), consisting of 250 names in total, here is a TOP 10 list of this games most talented players. Votes cast are in brackets:

#1: INT SuiCyco {126}.
#2: INT Toxy. {91}
#3: [DV]Vigilante. {90}
#4. Kowalski[DSP] {79}
#5: [ikill] Dali MadSon {69}
#6: King Rod {55}
#7: R66 Vic Ferrari {41}
#8: Death Machine {39}
#9: Covak {19}
10: Raider[HLA] {18}.

We thank everyone for their participation and sincerely hope no one gets offended cuz they didn't make the top 10. I don't think there was any doubt from the beginning that SuiCyco would take the checkered flag. Congrats to Team Intercept. We'd also like to say that there were about 6 players tied for 11th with 16 votes and 20 tied for 12th with 15. Hee hee, and I almost forgot...JUST ONE HACK WAS EVEN MENTIONED. And even he sucks - (I know, I've played him). Thank you and good day."

Well, great news for our very own staff of Dali Madson, myself, (SuiCyco) and our recent interviewee, INT Toxy! Still, I can't help but wonder where exactly the data came from, and who voted. Some of the best players, INT Thibor, Ax-L, HackKilla BFC, and EMP Zaphod, were eclipsed by some lesser names. What's up with that? Ah well. Majority rules, I guess.

Sunday, September 28, 1997

The speed shop opens its doors.