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*Tuesday, April 12, 2016*

Get ready for the Rebuild!:

Ol' Light's cookin' up some big changes for this pop shop...stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 21, 1999

Big Changes:

Fortunately it's all good news. Well, almost. You have probably noticed that after it LOOKED like I was going to start playing some more I'76, I STOPPED playing completely. The main reason for this is I bought a brand new computer...specifically, a Celeron 300A which I overclcoked to 450Mhz. and a nice new shiny 3DFX Banshee Creative Labs AGP 100MHZ SGRAM model, overclocked to 125Mhz. Those are the highlights of the system anyways. A fatty 10 Gig IBM Deskstar hardrive is also mighty nice. In paticular, however, I must strongly recommend the Creative labs Banshee with SGRAM, it's easily oveclockable (hell, Labs even wrote an overclcok utility into the driver controls!), and works great! Againt my warning, INT Grimm went and got the Labs TNT and he's still trying to get it working with all his games... While TNT is faster, in theory (about 5% faster than my card, which is the fastest Banshee out there), I am going with reality, and in reality just about every game does 3DFX. And I've done enough 'software mode' for one lifetime.

Games Games Games:

And so with the new system comes a plethora of games, new and old. First and foremost is: I'76...well, I cannot reinstall it because my CD's seemed to have picked up and left. So I'm waiting on some INT bretheren to mail me the discs so I can get underway. But that doesn't mean I'm sitting here all day browsing pr0n in the meantime. I rarely do that. TRIBES is the name of the game. Let me tell you again. TRIBES. Imagine Quake. Now imagine Quake MINUS the Nine Inch Nails Motif, MINUS the Dungeons and Dragons textures, MINUS the Freedy Kruger monster opponents and MINUS the Death Match trash. TRIBES is all about team play, it's all done in outside environs, it's lethal paintball with jetpacks, and many I'76 players are in on it already :) In fact several Team Intercept members and a few Kamikaze's have decided to make a tribe of their own, The Interceptum. Webpage is out (done by yours truly), but it's functional right now, not pretty.. hehe I'll send a URL out when I feel like half of you won't throw up by looking at the site layout. Other games...hrmmm...intalled "Big Assets" upgrade for Battlezone and man, what a difference, the Battlezone team just rocks. That game doesn't have soul like I'76 does but it sure has network stability, which I'76 lacks...

Site changes and updates?:

Yep, yep. Got our latest interview sitting on my new harddrive awaiting the final touch ups and such. It's a cool interview with one of I'76's sharpest dudes. I want to set up some real audio to go with this one (I am getting sick of the midi files and I know everyone else has been for quite some time). After that, it's up...and there are more SSS-G file to come. Once I get the damn game again we are good to go...

Monday, February 29, 1999

Back on track!:

We have an impressive backlog of studies waiting to be posted in increments of one a week... And a new one is up. Most strategy questions were answered also, though I've saved a few for later. Interview is happening soon, yes SSS is back on the ball. Now I just need to practice playing more often. Last thing I want is to become one of those I'76 players who has a website that sucks at actually PLAYING the game. Barf!

But this sucked.:

In real life, racing didn't go as planned, Aventari (guy I was going to race with) mixed up the dates for competition and turns out this weekend was Pro Solo regionals or something, basically a big bru-haha for people trying to make money on the track. No point in us going because we are autocross 'newbies'. A real pain though, I just installed a set of non resistored plugs in the Z for MORE POWER, but they really interfere with the radio. Maybe next weekend...when we do it, I'll place the car in F-stock, where it will run head to head against GT Mustangs, BMW 7 series and Starion Turbos, to name a few. All RWD in this class.

Question: What do you want for Christmas?

Answer: MORE POWER!!!


Monday, February 22, 1999

Back Again!:

Well after about half a year of on-off (O.K., O.K., mostly off) play I've started to miss the long nights of kill and be killed (mostly kill!). Not that there are many people left to kill... But there are a few out there. I went out for some original I'76 games saturday night and was not dissapointed. Far from it, I was given a very good fight by Mr. Cool himself, Frosty (#>#), and one of Team Intercept's own, from long, long ago...INT Elwen! Pics posted below. I'll be playing a few hours on the weekends now...check the Speed Shop message board, I'll post a message before I go out on the interstate if you'd like to go a few rounds!

Frosty and I discuss the finer points of turning Death Machine into little Death Machine parts over the southwest desert...later he makes fun of my mom and I blow him up (just kidding, but I blew him up anyways). Excellent gun duelist. After over a year of self imposed exile, INT Elwen greets me with the traditional INT-bone manuever, a sure-fire way to collect on prepaid insurance. At least I'll be able to afford that supercharged engine for the AMZ now (and a wheelchair).


Quite a bit of studying, but I'll still manage to party. And what would a speed shop be without a little racing action? If all goes as planned, My turbo Z is doing a little autocrossing next weekend. Let us hope nothing breaks! AND LET US HOPE WE WIN! (Yeah right!) :) Either way, pics will be posted!

And of course I don't need to mention...:

The Speed Shop is back in business! Updated! Fixed! Revised, revitalized, requantatized! New SSSG article by Death Machine.. more to come soon to the SSSG section! Map section in works by my main man Rockaho! I WILL DO AN INTERVIEW NEXT MONTH! Brace thyselves for weekly updates, quality news (I didn't say GOOD quality), and stuff galore, cats and kittens!

*** December 1998 -- This log missing due to data loss. -Sui ***

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Hello Out of Nowhere:

Did I mention I'm still alive? So sorry to dissapoint! :) I'm stuck in school still.. finals are coming up I'll have a few free weeks... Hell maybe I'll have my phone lines fixed by then and play some I'76? Never can tell. One of my old dueling partners is working on an article for the shop, actually the article is slated to be more of a curiosity but hey it's something! I've been working on my car, the one I drive everyday, installed some lightweight racing seats and my Ram Air induction kit came in. I actually think it will help what with the turbo lag and all. Here's a pic of the induction kit on the racing seats. I'm doing what I can to reduce weight in the car, and later this week, time permitting, I'll pull the AC and condensor unit in the quest to increase my HP/weight ratio. But that's not about I'76! And I don't have much new info to show, so, in the meantime, Rockaho is on the dueling ladder, and he's been updating his site so you may want to check it out!

I'76 News:

Yeah clean up time...the news page was at the 75K bench so time to start a new one. Bad things have happened, well good ones too I suppose. Without getting into too much detail I've got this test today which I *know* is going to be e-vile. But I digress...INT Rockaho had to reformat his hard drive, which is a bad thing for anyone who has signed up for the first IRD Rally race. We have a relatively finalish version, but it lacks the polish of signs and other little things on the map... Regardless, a new I'76 file needs to be built, to make the other seasons of the year so the other rally's can be played in the series. Quite a drag, especially for Rock considering he is the driving force behind map development for the tournament. Hopefully we'll have a map for the tournament by the end of the month, but it may take longer. And Badlands is gone...I don't know what Bandit's plan is but the info page should resurface...it'd be a shame to go to waste. I also dropped the gif images from the news page...figured they might be slowing people down...let me know if you want them back, or like this better...O.K...good news...Aquila has a real life players car section on his page now...it's cool, even if some of the cars on there could school my own. (NO, not your pile 944, Lord you-know-who.) :)

Other Crap:

I put a set of Pirelli tires on my car a few days ago...man they rock...I'd get wheel spin when driving vigorously prior to these hotties. Now I just lay down a little rubber path but keep moving. They're also quieter than my last set, and handle worlds better. My Dunlop's were dogs. I'll never buy Dunlop's again. Falken's and Pirelli's, that be it. Oh...while were on this car subject (aren't we always at the speed shop?), check out http://z.interspeed.net/speedshop/pub/photos/cars, it's a little treat for the faithful.. a bunch of car scans I've done, and some from others.... mostly modern stuff but it's cool to look at if you like sports cars.

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